ThambiRamiah to be seen in never seen before role in “Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay”

#ThambiRamiah to be seen in never seen before role in #APMJ !! 

Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay is an upcoming film directed by Inbasekhar and have musical score by Imman. Its first single track “Yaenadi” sung by Karthik and Shreya Ghoshal released few days back and was viral among the music buffs. The film’s next single track “Andhapulla Manasu sung by Haricharan is going to release today.During this occasion the film’s director Inbashekar says “People who have passion for hearing songs will develop a great love and interest towards this song. Four of the songs composed by Imman will feature in the film and there is an additional bonus number sung by Shreya Ghoshal specifically for the musical album. This film is a comic thriller and has Thambi Ramaiah’s son Umapathy playing the lead role. Sometimes right things will fall in a right place for a good prosper to occur and the casting of Umapathy happened like that. I required a new face for this script but I wanted the fresh face to be apt for the story. I needed an actor who should be like a boy next door and common people should relate the character to their day to day life characters. Reshma Rathore who did few films in telugu is debuting herself as female lead in this film. We have provided a very good scope for the heroine in this script instead of including her in less number of scenes just for the sake of film. Actors like Manobala, Pandiarajan and Naren are donning significant roles in this film. Throughout the story, actor Karunakaran comes along with the hero which is the major highlight of the film. This film’s cinematography is handled by P.K.Varma and A.L.Ramesh of Appa,Nadodigal and Easan fame is the editor of the film. As Thambi Ramiah’s son is playing the lead, there will be an expectation from the people about the role played by Thambi Ramiah in this movie and I can say that the people can witness Thambi Ramiah in a never seen before role. People can come and enjoy this film to a great extent with their friends and families and as the director of the film I can assure you complete entertainment.”                         
 “Adhagappattathu Mahajanangalay” is a film directed by Inbashekar and produced by Ramesh.This film have new faces playing the lead roles with a team of very good technicians. Thambi Ramiah’s son Umapathy plays the lead role in this film and Reshma plays his female lead. I had a great time in composing tunes for this film and it gave me a beautiful opportunity to produce feel good songs. This film has four songs which consist of three melodies and a peppy hero intro number.  One of the song, “Yeanadi” which released few days back received positive buzz among the music buffs. We have a fifth bonus track as the cover version of “Yeanadi” which was solely sung by Shreya Ghoshal. This track is made specifically for the album and won’t feature in the film. The album consists of these five songs and it will be released by Sony Music. I have a very good rapport with Thambi Ramiah from the times of Mynaa. As his son makes his debut in this film, he asked me to the compose tunes for it. Initially I denied composing due to my tight schedule but he insisted me to hear the story first and asked me to compose if I like the script. Once I heard the story completely, I liked it very much and I cannot quote that the story is not good for the sake of rejecting it. Irrespective of whether I compose the tunes or not, I accepted the fact that I liked the story. Once I told him about my liking towards the story, he told me “if you like it, why not you do it” and thus I kick-started my work for this film. I should thank the team for understanding my schedule and for giving me more time to provide them with songs. I was not able to deliver the songs in regular intervals and I almost took some one and half to two months between the songs. I have informed them much earlier about the delay and they wholeheartedly accepted it. They had great love and care towards me and I wanted to give them superior songs to show back their love. I am not the one who expects known directors and actors to be a part of the team to compose music for the film. If anyone with a quality script approach me with great affection, I would surely compose for them. I didn’t sing any song in this album as it’s not required for the script. I am not a versatile singer who can sing all kind of songs and I know my limitations very well. I would sing only if the song falls under by constraints. As the directors always hear my voice always while composing the tunes, I won’t insist them to have my voice for the album. I am assuring that the songs in this album will have self-life and will last longer in the hearts of people. In the previous single launch, I got many positive reviews from various people throughout the world. A lady from Srilanka came to meet me after hearing this song. She told that ” I was not used to hear film songs and I heard this song because of my son’s request. Once I heard,I liked it very much and I badly wanted to meet the one who composed this song  and thus ended up meeting you”. I am very delighted and happy to hear these words from her. I always like to include melodious tunes in most of my songs as I feel they will provide more recall value to the song. Even in my peppy tunes like “Silukku Marame”,there would be small melodious portions in it. This would make the songs to stay in the minds and hearts of the people forever. I also have to mention about my musicians and their team who composes many live recordings and you could have also witnessed these recordings in “Yaendi” song making. We recorded these tunes with various instruments in the VGP studio. In this computerized world, where we compose tunes in computers,we also should retain our traditional way of composing. I accept that I also involve myself in using modern computerized methods but I like composing traditional tunes to carry their pride to the future generations. There are various music directors to compose Rap,Dubstep ,Jazz music and so I wanted to stick strongly to the traditional way of composing. It doesn’t mean that I won’t follow modern ways of composing and I would use them when there is a need in the script to compose in such a way. I got such an opportunity in a film like “Miruthan” where I got more scope to use computerized tunes. I doesn’t want to compose modern tunes for Indian emotions as these emotions would be spoiled if I do so. I wanted to have beautiful soul in my songs when people turn back and hear my composition after many years. This film will come under the genre of black comedy with ample amount of love and emotions. I had great scope to compose background score for this film as this film revolves around a home and office in most of the parts with great amount of thrills and emotions which gave me wide opportunities to compose.