RA is in trend with mobile games

Ameen of Plan A Studios has come up with the gaming concept in Tamil Film industry with its first venture Film RA after the most famous Bollywood’s Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, Chennai Express and Race 2.

Ra which means to Take away in Ancient Tolkappiyam, an apt title for the film which revolves around the lead character Ajay and his quest to find answers to the unsolved mystery in his life. Confused and baffled by the events happening around him, he is unsure if he is awake or still dreaming. With a deep intense meaning to all the occurrences around him, will he be able to break the shackles and come out victorious or succumb to the Devious foul play that is his mind itself is the Plot of the Movie .

Technology has given us various branches of its unique brilliance to reach people now and then , Social Networking sites are the fore frontier in today’s world . Using one such advantages to the next level Hollywood came up with Movie Plot based games in various formats to Promote their films and get the viewers engaged before even the movie was released . And now More and more our Bollywood films are trying to compete and Match the level of Hollywood films with the Production value and technology, They have managed to Attain a few goals. Recently Smartphone games are the new trend based on Those movies like Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, Chennai Express and Race 2 have been developed to promote their films. User friendly interface and addictive game plots as their target Bollywood films have gone upscale in their next level of promotions.

Creative producer Feroz of Plan A studios took a leaf from the book and came up with an idea to launch its one of a kind down south. RA will be the First film to come out with an Android and iPhone platform game in southern Film industry. Ra Game will be a start to the next level of promotions Attracting more and more audience and reaching the corners of the Social networking world. Since the Movie is a Fantasy thriller with deep intense Psychological meaning the concept of coming out with a Smartphone Game was a simple task.

RA GAME:THE ENDLESS BEGINNING,The player is free falling into the depths of his own disturbed mind, a relentless search for answers to his troubled thoughts.Will he be able to navigate the obstacles and find the truth that could set him free and thus the mystery solved?

The game is expected to release this February along with the audio launch of the film .

The film is in its Final touches of Post production stage where Graphics is handled by Imaging labs a Mumbai based company that had done Akshay Kumar’s Special 26 and Madrasapattinam .

A film by Ashraf and Prabu Yuvaraj .The movie features the likes of Ashraf, Aditi Chengappa and Lawrence, who is penning the lyrics too.R Saravanan of Sonna Puriyadhu fame is the director of photography who has Captured Realistic and illusional Frames to its Perfection thus engaging the audiences subconscious mind, while Prem Boominathan is adding magic editing the film. Dilip Subbarayan is choreographing the stunts and the music has been composed by Raj Aryan.

RA is expected to be a promising thriller with a new genre this year.