Press Note of Ilaignar Kootamaippu

The youth of India have taken it upon themselves to sow the seed of “social and political change” in all the 234 constituencies of Tamilnadu. Like minded youth organizations, activists and change seeking other talented young minds have come together as a “youth alliance” to meet the elections this year. This initiative was started 2 years back.

While we believe in self-sufficiency, we aim for every youngster to become a leader instead of waiting for a haloed leader to save us from everything. All well-meaning and honest individuals with a thirst to develop this society will form an “allied leadership” to face the people.

Technology and social media (Watsapp and Facebook) have been put to good use and survey and fact collecting mediums, and more than 300 people have been invited for direct interview for candidature.

A 20 member team will be responsible for the interview process. This team has been meticulously trained and prepared to look for like-minded and involved individuals true to the cause and not benefit. We expect more people to join us in our effort when they understand the interview process and trust that we will bring suitable candidates for all the234 constituencies who are dedicated, loyal, honest and have the drive to fight the elections.

The political awareness of the youth today is alarmingly low. Tamilnadu Government has more than 1.25lakh positions to be held through elections. This includes the ward councilors, mayors and local municipal heads. However, we concentrate only on the 234 while the rest of the positions are also politically and socially significant to impact change. Ilaignar Koottamaippu aims to make the youth contest for all the local election seats this October.

The future of our country lies in the hands of enterprising, intelligent youth. Youth of India has already made big foray into various fields and now is the time to bring them into politics to drive a socio-economic change. The aim is to make Tamilnadu a benchmark state, led by a group of untainted youth.

The recent Chennai floods have shown the power of youth to the people. The campaign will be in full swing and we will make use of all the resources we could generate to make the people aware of our youth. The people make the choice to elect the right candidate and become the influencer of change.

To show your support to the youth of Tamilnadu, to become a volunteer, to become a candidate and to understand our policies and principles please visit  You can also reach us at (+91) – 7871866096, 9788304668, 9962265231.