Night Duty Short Film Trailer

Production- Love Pictures|Rishi

Director- Tony

Cinematography- Nizar

Editing- Tony

VFX- Tony & Praki

Sound Design – Diluxshan

Original Music by- Saran Raghavan

Designs- Manikandan

Cast- JV, Saravanan, Gokul, Shwetha, Karthik, Jatin, Pavithra, Bulk, Satish, Babu,Baby, Kumanan, Ezhil, Raghavan, Praveen & Prem.

Night Duty….I believe these days If you are looking for some quality cinema, might end up finding it on You Tube under the short film categories. Night Duty is one such example, the trailer runs for 2mins 16 secs, every second makes you want to watch the full movie. Written & Directed by Tony and have also edited and supervised VFX. Produced by Love Pictures and co-produced by Mr.Rishi. The original score is by Saran Raghavan, the vocals are given by Aashima and Akshay. The editing is crisp by Tony and the sound is sharp designed by Diluxshan from Nalladhor Veenai and SUMO’s fame.The camera has been handled by Nizar, which seems spectacular. This short film deals with the dark secrets during the night time, which involves everything from robbery to child abuse. The trailer is very interesting, If you wish to catch this flick on big screen, will have to wait for it to be screened at AVM studios preview theater, the date will be announced soon. The technical aspects of the movie is way better than what we see in the feature films these days, the team must have worked really hard for an output of this kind, Best of Luck to the “Night Duty” team.