Nalladhor Veenai Short Film Review

Production- White Bird Pictures|Saberna|Ashirvad|Arvind|Arul|John & Adveta

Director- Monesh

Screenplay & Dialogues- Monesh & Prince

Cinematography- Monesh

Editing,VFX & Color Grading- Sasi

Sound Design – Diluxshan

Original Music by- Raghavan

Costume Designer- Thameem Ansari

Cast- Prince Ranson Jonase,Harish & Saran Raghavan.

Nalladhor Veenai….Directed by Monesh who has done a short film earlier named “Seidhadhariyel” a story of revenge which was sensitively captured in midst of emotions. This one is another venture under the same banner White Bird Pictures a small production house which contains a bunch of creative and artistic budding talents in the short film industry. Nalladhor Veenai has quite a rap sheet when it comes to Awards and recognition’s. Gamma Film Festival(2nd Best Film,Best Cinematography,Best Performance & Best Editor), MCC College Short Film festival(Best Film,Best Screenplay,Best Editor and Best Music) and Gamma Film Festival(2nd Best Film).

Is child abuse India’s worst Kept secret??? was a question raised, has anything done to prevent that?? This is an issue which a Government nor a Law Enforcement can do anything about it until the victim comes forward. But how many has the courage to do that,not many as they hide in the closet enduring this torture scared of humility,shame that could bring to their loved ones. But one has to understand this is one among the many dreadful crimes which should not go without punished. It’s a shame that such an act is done by people who we remotely think would be capable of, It could be your relative,friend,colleague or in this case a teacher. Nalladhor Veenai shows an disturbing and horrific image of such an act.

Nalladhor Veenai is a story of a young boy who goes through this traumatic experience, this story is based on true events and the characters shown are still existing in real life. Monesh has handled the sensitive subject in a delectable manner with utmost dedication. The love for film making is a shown all over the 19 minutes short feature.The narration was great. The black and white feel with partial colors during pivotal scenes was a classy touch. Cinematography was stunning, camera angles were precise and gave an amazing look to the feature. Sound design by Diluxshan complimented the visuals by Monesh. Score by Raghavan was perfectly backed with Aashima’s vocal, which was haunting for long after watching the film.

This may be a short film, but the actors have given their best to bring out the intensity of the subject. Whether it’s Harish(Karthi) or Saran Raghavan or the tuition master played by Prince Ranson Jonase who is an assistant to Venkat Prabhu. The lead characters Karthi and the tuition master’s performance was convincing.

The best part of the short film is that it was shot on a Canon 550D, surprised by the output derived from this camera, was wondering if Monesh can handle a 550D this well,   Imagine if he is handed a RED PRO or an ARRI. I’m sure the result will be stunning.

This short film carries a social message which has to reach millions, I’m not sure how is that possible, but we live in the age of social media,sure can make a small difference. The team was inspired by Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate, which led to this subject. Please watch this and share it on each and everyone of your wall to spread the message, we share a lot of stuff which is useless let our walls be used for some good service. Nalladhor Veenai strikes every chord with a great note. Good luck White Bird Pictures for your future endeavors.

+’s: Story,screenplay,direction,cinematography,music and convincing performances.

-‘s: Can’t think of anything.

Rating: 4.5/5