Madhan Karky Thanks Letter To Media

Wed 30 December 2015

Dear Media Friends,

This is my sixth year in the film industry. Around this time every

year, when it’s time to write this report, I sense in me, the feeling

of a student taking his exam results to his parents.

This year I have worked on 97 songs in 40 movies. I am happy

that the songs I had penned for movies such as I, Baahubali,

Vedalam, Romeo Juliet, Masss, Vaalu, 10 Endradhukkulla,

Rajathandhiram, Inji Iduppazhagi, Bajirao Mastani and Pasanga-2,

captured the hearts of many and featured in many Radio,

Television and Internet charts.

The dialogues I penned for Director Rajamouli’s Baahubali and

the Kilikki language I created for the movie were well received.

I take this opportunity to thank you for taking my creations to

your readers, viewers and listeners. By both appreciating good

songs and pointing out issues, you sow the seed in creators to

bring out better songs.

Film songs play a major role in taking language to the next

generation. So, good language and good thoughts will play a vital

part in creating a good society.

In the coming years, I am planning to reduce the number of

songs I work on and work selectively on quality songs.

I thank my directors and producers for giving a stage for my

creativity. I thank my composers for giving life to my words with

music. I thank all the voices that carried my words all over the


I take this step into 2016 with a wish for good story plots &

melodies to pen songs in beautiful Tamil that will live forever.

My heartfelt wishes for your dreams to come true this new


With love

Madhan Karky