Krrish 3 Success Meet In Chennai at Sathyam Cinemas

Late afternoon at Sathyam Cinemas Chennai was filled with young beautiful girls, small kids, celebrities and the entire media who were eagerly waiting to meet the On Screen superhero Hrithik Roshan who played the role of KRRISH. There were kids wearing Krrish’s mask and wrist band sitting in front row, with flowers to welcome the big star. When all of them were waiting inside the auditorium we could hear huge screams from outside “Hrithik Hrithik” , everyone buckled up with their cameras, the moment he stepped in, shutter bugs started clicking. The smile on all the kids face was priceless. He was given a grand welcome who came along with his Father, Director and Producer Rakesh Roshan of KRRISH 3.

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The event started with the trailer of Krrish 3,followed by introduction from the compere. The distributor Shibu Thameen, who could not stop praising the Roshan’s for their utmost dedication towards film making. Shibu Thameen who successfully released films starring Kamal Haasan, Suriya, Vikram, Arya and Jayam Ravi besides Ascar productions’ ventures, director Shankar’s grand ventures and also National-award winning filmmaker Bala’s films in Kerala is an renowned producer,distributor and theater owner. Mr. Tirru who is currently the happening Cinematographer handled the camera for Krrish 3. He churned out few words on how challenging it was to shoot few scenes in the film.

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It was going to be a double treat for Chennai people at Sathyam Cinemas as Illaya Thalapathi Vijay was to grace his presence to congratulate The Roshan’s on the success, unfortunately due to time constraint and JILLA in it’s finishing stage could not make it, but he made sure the message was conveyed to them with a flower bouquet through his PRO, who shared Vijay’s concern to the media.

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Then came Rakesh Roshan who was very much touched with the hospitality received from the Chennai people, and shared his experience in making Krrish 3. It was followed by Q & A from the media:

Q1. “Rakesh Ji will you be making a movie outside KRRISH’S franchise along with your son?”

A1.” I would love to, If I come across a good script”.

Q2. From Cineshutter: “Jadoo is where it all started, do you have plans of bringing him back again and link it in your future sequels?”

A2. “I haven’t thought about it yet, might incorporate in the sequels”.

Q3. From Cineshutter: “A superhero mostly has a sidekick, will Krrish have one or will he be flying solo throughout?”

A3. “Not thought about it yet, but If I do, I will call you and you can join me in MUMBAI”.

Q4. “Kaal’s” character was well appreciated all over, will you guys bring him back?

A4. ” We have thought about it, might bring him back, and I can bring him back If I want to”.

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After the Q&A with Rakesh Roshan, the podium was given to the big Star Hrithik Roshan, who said “I’m overwhelmed with the response and love I have received from Chennai, I love you Chennai“. Which increased the energy level of the crowd further.

Q1.”How does it feel to be a superhero?”

A2. To which Hrithik replied humbly “The same way how you feel when you watch the movie, which is good”

Q2. “If you see Sharukh Khan, off lately incorporating Tamil characters in his movies, will you do the same in future with your movies?”

A2. “I will for sure in my very next movie, I might also do a Tamil film and would do anything which is been favored by audiences”.

Q3. “Priyanka Chopra in Mumbai quoted that if she gets a superhero in real life, It will be amazing as she can travel anywhere she wants with him, and whenever she feels like, If you have a superwomen in your life what will you do?” 

A3. Hrithik quips and replies ” I already have 3 superwomen in my life, my mother,sister and my wife, who are  none less than a superwomen.” Who have always been there for him in all his situations.

Q4. “You were hurt badly during a recent shoot for an action scene, and your statement on health was really good, how are you recovering now?”

A4. To which Hrithik was excited and said “This is the best question which was asked, and I’m doing good, everything went well and I’m hail and healthy”

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After the Q&A , Hrithik quoted “Not only the Chennai’s crowd is loud, but their movie screens are louder and the best in the country”.All the girls then started shouting “Hrithik Dance Dance” to which he did a step which made their day. Hrithik ended the meet saying “Vanakkam” as it was a humble request from the compere.

Krrish 3 has drawn a lot of attention in 2nd week of it’s release and the collection is non-stop which made the team to release more prints, that clearly shows the success of this movie. It has received mixed reviews all over, end of the day it was a bold attempt on a subject of this sort and it will not stop with this and yet more to come, hope to see more of Krrish in future with better refinement, appealing to both the young and older audiences.