Gunday Movie Review

Production- Yash Raj Films|Aditya Chopra

Director- Ali Abbas Zafar

Cinematography- Aseem Mishra

Editing By- Rameshwar S.Bhagat

Original Music by- Sohail Sen

Background Score- Julius Packiam

Sound Mix- Dolby Atmos|Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Ranveer Singh,Arjun Kapoor,Priyanka Chopra,Saurabh Shukla,Darshan Gurjar,Jayesh V. Kardak,Anant Sharma & Irrfan Khan.

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GUNDAY….Since the promos were on TV and online, the only buzz was to compare this flick with none other than the classic cult “SHOLAY“, that could be for few reasons, first being the font of the title which resembles the font similar to “Sholay“. Then next being the Bro code, which is the key factor of this flick. Ranveer Singh as Bikram, Arjun Kapoor as Bala were compared with Jai & Veeru from Sholay. The look of the film does gives you that feeling as it’s been set up in the 1970‘s post the partition of Bangladesh. Well the feel is good but does not even come close to the effect of Jai and Veeru of Sholay. Ali Abbas Zafar has done a decent job on the script which does not dulls out though, but the heat and punch it required was not there for some reason.

The opening scene where the two young kids Darshan Gurjar as young Bikram and Jayesh V. Kardak as young Bala steals the show with their terrific bonding along with really hot attitude. They have done an outstanding job and their intro scene when the titles starts to roll was epic, which followed the entry of Ranveer and Arjun, with the entire cinema hall going crazy. The dialogues were strong and were dished out well, which are not seen off lately in Hindi cinema. The cheeky romance where both the guys falling for the same girl Priyanka Chopra as Nandita was captured well with the 70’s backdrop. Ranveer has done a great job so has Arjun Kapoor their chemistry was delectable. Priyanka Chopra did a decent job as she has not much to contribute here other than the oomph factor. She really needs to step up and choose a script where she is been explored well, I believe the biopic on “Mary Kom” should do that magic. Irrfan Khan was great, as usual a reluctant and hard character to crack down. Saurabh Shukla as Kaali Kaka was good.

Ali Abbas Zafar had a potential script which could have created the magic it intended to, but failed due to inappropriate execution, it had amazing dialogues, decent actions sequences and quite powerful performances. The music was average nothing to boast of,”Jashn-E-Ishqa” was apt for the intro song followed by “Asalaam-E-Ishqum” where Priyanka does a “Burlesque“. The background score by Julius Packiam was really racy and had set an amazing feel to the powerful scenes.

Gunday could have been a Sholay, but in the midst of loud explosions and dark coal mines it loses the intensity it required. The beginning train sequence which resembles the Sholay, could have been an amazing opening act, In spite of advanced technology at disposal it did not even come close to the scene from Sholay. Then comes the suspense and twists factor which were pretty obvious after a while in to the movie.Unfortunately Gunday fails to reach the heights which it promised from it’s promos. The only thing which keeps this film going on for 2 and half hours is the great Bro chemistry of Ranveer Singh and  Arjun Kapoor.

+’s- Great chemistry of Ranveer and Arjun, racy background score and powerful dialogues.

-‘s- Sloppy screenplay & poor VFX.

Rating: 2.75/5