Andaava Kanom From 29th June

The era of good cinema is not over , and “Andaava Kanom” starring Shreya Reddy in a life time role will get the audience witness from June 29th an absolute entertainer that will infuse confidence on the quality of the films that are presented to the audience today says producer J Sathish Kumar of JSK film corporation.

He also adds ” Here it is ,”Andava kanom” a film that is censored with a genuine “U” certification will be reaching the audience from 29th June. We are determined to bring back the family audience to the theatre. We want the audience to relate themselves and gain the proud feel of watching a film. I hold no reservations against the quality of film making and the type of films that are served to the audience today. Holidays are to be spent with the families , and entertainers should be focussed in these families. As a producer myself, i feel the need to make amends. “Andaava Kanom” will be my social responsibility and iam sure the content will be endorsed by the general audience. Films that are made in dark rooms for the dark minded by the dark minded will be booted out of the system with the arrival of films like “Andaava Kanom” declared JSK in his typical call the spade a spade attitude