Aalamara a film on rustic tales of horror

Peacock Motion Picture presents “Aalamaram” a film on rustic tales of horror. S.N. Duraisingam the Director of Aalamaram who was earlier associated with the ace film maker K.Bhagyaraj mantles the responsibility of story, screenplay and direction. “Aalamaram is based on a real time incident that happened to me years ago. I utilized the lessons I learnt from my guru K.Bhagyaraj sir who was the master of screenplay to set up an intriguing screen play. I have chosen the best of talents to support me as the artists and technicians. I am thankful to senior editor Mr.Palanivel .KMK. Who has plenty of successful films in his glorious career for his role as an editor in ‘Aalamaram’. Debutant music director Ram Jeevan tracks back to the glorious days of the past by doing live recording for the entire film. We felt that the soul will remain in the music by doing so. Aalamaram is shot in and around the exotic Theni” says the Director brimming with confidence.