13 Short Film Review

Production- Se Pictures|Selvakumar Muthu

Director- T.R.Bala

Cinematography- Ravi Varma

Editing- Gowtham GA

Visual Effects & DI– Ganesh CSC

Sound Design- S.Balakesavan & Manoj Y.D.

Original Music by- A.S.Vivin

Cast- Ezhil Durai,Saravana Vel,Ramya,Manimaran,Vinoth,Satish and Madhan.

13 The Haunted Apartments….Do you believe in Karma??? Well I do, that’s something which evolves all the time. So does this subject of this short film, This has already been selected at 2 film festivals “Chennai Women’s International Film Festival”  and “Libra Global Screening Festival”. There’s a nothing great to it’s content but the approach is what to be appreciated, that credit goes to director TR Bala, who is former assistant director to the blockbuster “Jilla” earlier this year.

A insulting incident leads to a murder which brings back the soul to avenge it’s death is the crux of the story. It was handled in a subtle way with regular commercial elements by TR Bala well. That was well captured by Ravi Varma, Gowtham did a great job in cutting this picture giving it a seamless run. Score by A.S.Vivin was good, it set the mood right which was supported well by S.Balakesavan & Manoj Y.D. sound design. Ganesh CSC did a neat job on VFX.

The cast did support well with good technical team. Saravana Vel requires a special mention as he seems to be a promising actor in grey shades loved his attitude on screen. Ezhil Durai as a small town lad is convincing with his innocent looks, who transforms later all together in to a different character. Ramya suits the annoying next door girl character.

In short, this short film delivered what it promised from it’s trailer and it had a good response from the crowd at the film festival.Another good short from the house of SE Pictures. Don’t be scared it deals with a section of social issues happening around us involving women, so catch this one at the festival soon.

Rating: 3.5/5.