Yeidhavan Movie Review

Yeidhavan has tried to expose a corrupt network that affects the education in our state and its effects. Kalaiarasan lives with his family which consists of his father, mother, and sister in Chennai.

Kalaiyarasan is a middle class youngster who runs a firm selling the machines to detect fake currency notes with his friend Rajkumar. His younger sister aspires to become a Doctor, she fails to get a seat in merit in spite of getting good marks in exams. So Kalaiarasan decides to help his sister. After a short while and wild search he got admission for his sister in a medical college paying a donation of 53 lakhs. After her admission Only he learns that the approval for the Medical College has been cancelled by the Medical Council of India. The future of the students become a question mark.

Kalaiyarasan demands and claims back his donation back from the authorities and the broker when the problem becomes serious and the brocker commits suicide. His sister also dies in an accident.

Kalaiyarasan and the students of that college appeals a case against the authorities in Indian Medical Association. Kalaiyarasan get his money back, what will happen to the students of that college, their future, there by story goes.

Corruption and bribery in the state’s private medical institutions is no secret especially the hidden capitation fees that too without any valid reciept, that implies the concept of the whole movie Yeidhavan.

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