Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka Movie Review

The film starts off showcasing the friendship between Aadhi and his three friends. Though Aadhi hails from a middle class family, he enjoys a luxurious life with his rich friends. In order to stay together and enjoy life, the four of them decide to not write the final semester exams in college. They plan to celebrate life for the next six months till their supplementary exam dates. During that period, Aadhi meets Nikki Galrani and they gradually fall in love. Life goes smoothly and happily for Aadhi till his friends pull him into an unnecessary issue.

On New Year’s eve, Aadhi’s friends celebrate in a luxurious bar. They get boozed up so much in such a way that they snap a photo of Richa Pallod who is also there to celebrate the New Year with her boyfriend. Richa notices them taking snap of hers and so she and her boyfriend approach them and they have a war of words. That’s when Aadhi enters the scene and the verbal quarrel leads to a fist fight.

The news reaches the Police and they come to arrest the four friends. Since Aadhi’s friends are from powerful families, the police set them free. This makes Richa Pallod even more agitated and so she warns all the four that they will not have a peaceful life. From then, the four friends do not have a happy life, facing danger one after the other. The incident that turns his life upside down makes him move to Mumbai in search of underworld don Mudaliar, who happens to be the reason for their trouble. Will Aadhi save himself and his friends from the trouble, forms the rest of the film.

The electrifying heroism of Aadhi is highly appreciable. The actor looks stunning in the action sequences and keeps the audiences thrilled. Nikki Galrani’s infectious smile and naughtiness is a major plus in the first half. Aadhi and Nikki share a beautiful chemistry which almost reflects this generation’s love story. The heroine’s extra effort to dub her lines is appreciable. Aadhi’s bonding with the three friends and the timely dialogues between them make their friendship appear very natural on screen.

Veteran actors Nassar, Kitty, Pasupathy and Narain have proved their expertise in this film as well. Despite being a debutant in Kollywood, the veteran Bollywood actor Midhun Chakraborthy has succeeded in impressing the Tamil audiences. His rough and tough look and his aggressive performance is stunning. The film is truly going to be a big break for Richa Pallod who is back in action with a small but serious role. Her powerful and energetic performance is applaudable.

The debutant director Sathya Prabhas has impressed the audiences with his very smart directorial skills. A very strong script with highly thrilling twists and turns; he has succeeded in keeping the audiences thrilled. Cinematographer Shanmugasundaram has enhanced the mood of the film with his amazing visuals. His extra pain to sketch the story board has very much strengthened the film’s output, which is evident on screen. The director and cinematographer have together given thrilling visuals. In addition to this, the background score by Prasan Praveen Shyam has complimented the visuals and enhanced the action sequences. The film happens to be pretty lengthy due to some songs in between.

In a nutshell YNK has an intriguing story, highly technically sound camera work, brilliant sound track and power-packed performance from the artists. The Pinisetty family has rocked!


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