Yaan Movie Review

Directed by Ravi K. Chandran

Produced by Elred Kumar And Jayaraman

Written by Ravi K. Chandran

Cast  Jiiva , Thulasi Nair , Nassar

Music by Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography Manush Nandan

Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad

Production company  R. S. Infotainment


The movie opens in Mumbai. Chandru (Jiiva) and Sreela (Thulasi) come across each other while the police take out a terrorist in an encounter. It is love at first sight for Chandru, who is living with his grandmother after losing his parents to an accident at a very young age. But Sreela, who runs a driving school with her father (Nasser – a former military man) has no such intentions and Chandru’s repeated approaches irritate her. Finally, he manages to impress her by saving her from a gang of ruffians. Ram (Rishi) is Sreela’s cousin who is a strict health freak. Ram is divorced and has an interest in Sreela and wants to marry her. When Sreela’s father begins questioning her relationship with Chandru, Ram arranges a meeting between Chandru and Sreela’s dad. It doesn’t go down well and her father humiliates Chandru who becomes heartbroken and a fight ensues between Chandru and Sreela.

Chandru sets out to get a job. But frustrated at not getting a job within Mumbai itself, Chandru decides to take up a job in a small foreign country called Basilisthan (Islamic State), through a travel agent. The agent asks Chandru to help an autistic poor boy travelling to the same country. At Basilisthan’s airport, the two people’s baggages are checked and found to contain drugs, peddling of which is an offense punishable with death in that country. The police arrest the two and after a trial, they are sentenced to death. What happens next is for you to see on the big screen. Watch Yaan to know…

Cinematographer Ravi. K. Chandran, who is debuting as a director, has chosen an interesting script. The way even smart, educated people are fooled by dubious agents, has been showcased well on screen. The casting is perfect, and Thulasi and Jiiva’s chemistry sizzles the screen. Jiiva looks as youthful as ever and has done a good job. Thulasi looks gorgeous in sarees and easily carries off a matured look. The veterans like Nasser, Jayaprakash, Thambi Ramaiah bolster the cast. Karunakaran plays a very vital role. Cinematography is excellent especially in the stunt sequences. The ‘Aathangarai Orathil’ song is very extravagantly and colourfully shot. Not only the songs, almost all frames are a visual treat with a riot of colours on screen. The pace of the second half could be picked up a little. Harris Jayaraj’s music is peppy and with the mood of the film.

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