Vizha Movie Review

Production- Sri Thenandal Films|Azure Entertainment

Director- Barathi Balakumaran

Cinematography- U. K. Senthilkumar

Editing- Praveen K.L & N.B.Srikanth

Sound Mix- Dolby Atmos|Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- James Vasanthan

Cast- Mahendran,Malavika Menon,Kollangudi Karuppayi,Yugendran,Kadhal Thandapani,Theni Murugan,Kali & Pillaiyarpati Jayalakshmi.

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VIZHA….The film is based on the award-winning short film Uthiri. This one is directed by Barathi Balakumaran. It deals with an intense village subject which is based on the bunch who plays thappu instrument at death functions and another which performs oppari at the death ceremony. After watching this film is when I realized that this was a serious profession practiced by people in remote villages. This one I would say is an off beat movie which you can’t expect to entertain you in a regular way. It has good screenplay which does not gets distracted and sticks to the subject throughout. It portrays the love story of Sundaram (Mahendran), who plays the thappu instrument at death functions, and Rakkamma (Malavika)an oppari singer. 

Master Mahendran is grown in to a full fledged lead actor with this movie, you will remember him as a kid who was a popular one when it comes to Tamil films and has his name featured in Assist World Record for Highest number of movies as a child Artiste. Well he is not a child anymore and has his own movie to boast of. Mahe has done an tremendous job in this flick. It’s easy to make an debut as chocolate boy hero or an mass hero, but to venture in to an off beat as the launchpad you need to be really serious and it has worked for many in the industry, so should be the case with Mahe as well, will have to wait and see how his potential will be put to use.

Malavika Menon another debut and the love interest in the movie has done a great job, she has a very simple and convincing look of a village girl and her character gets imprinted. The rest of the supporting cast have done a great job complimenting the lead. I wonder where the director got these characters, they sync with the movie so well, especially the hero’s friends. 

The story travels at a slow pace but the intensity is maintained for the entire length of the movie. The village sentiments and emotions were well captured by the director with amazing vision of U. K. Senthilkumar and sharp editing by Praveen K.L & N.B.Srikanth. James vasanthan music was good, “Ennacho Edacho”,”Ennatha Solla”,”Sollama Kollama” all these were really pleasant and were well placed in the movie.

This is not a regular masala flick, It does have loads of comedy moments which is in flow with the story. You can catch this if you are in mood for serious cinema, If so it’s definitely worth a watch for amazing performances. Vizha is not the usual festive movie, it celebrates death and life at the same time.

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