VIvekananda Navaratri Day 3 & Divine Book Festival Photos With Press Release

Chenniyil Swami Vivekanandar

Vivekananda Navaratri & Divine Book Festival 2017

Press Note – Day 3 – 8th Feb 2017

Vivekananda Navaratri program stared with Bhajans by Vidya Vani Bhajan Mandali, Chennai. Youngsters sang enthusiastically, the audience were immersed in divinity.

After the reading from the lectures of Swami Vivekananda’s lecture, Swami Buddhidananda Maharaj delivered a lecture on ‘Thirugnanasambandar & Swami Vivekananda’. Some key points: Gnanasambandar and Swamiji were great devotees of Lord Siva. They considered the world as the replica of the Lord. Gnansambandar was adored as a person born to make the Vedas prosper. So as Swamiji was a preacher of Vendanta from East to West. Both of them served the poor and sick people whole heartedly.

Thus Maharaj gave a vivid description of saint thirugnanasambandar’s life and service in spreading Bhakthi, love and the miracles performed by him.

Guest of honor Sri N S Venkatesh, Executive director, Lakshmi Vilas Bank stated: The exhibition here is a treat to the eyes and mind. Efforts of celebrating Swamiji’s stay is praise worthy. When people of the world tried to conquer the world, Swamiji conquered the minds of great people. Swamiji has given the West a peaceful way for life. We henceafter must serve the people without any expectation. All of the programs of the day are very good and inspiring.

As the grand finale of the day Prayathana theater’s Sahodari Nivedita drama was staged. Sister Nivedita the spiritual daughter and disciple of Swamiji was well portrayed in the drama. Right from the coming of the sister till the end at Darjeeling, her life and service were performed in most striking and heartening way. Both Girish Iyyapath and Deepika Srikanth who acted as Swamiji and Sister Nivedita performed too well. They did not act, they lived the character. In short this drama is a fitting tribute to Sister Nivedia on her 150th Birth anniversary.

More than 600 students from various schools visited the Divine Book fair. Students were interested on self-development books written on the lines of Swamij’s idea. Monks of the order gave motivational lectures to the students. Evening event was attended by 500 people.

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