Velai Illa Pattathari Movie Review

Production- Wunderbar Films Pvt. Ltd|Dhanush|Escape Artist Motion Pictures

Director- Velraj

Cinematography- Arunbabu

Editing- M.V. Rajesh Kumar

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Anirudh Ravichander

Cast- Dhanush,Amala Paul,Samudrakani,Saranya Ponnavan,Hrishikesh,Amitesh & Surabhi.

VIP….This movie had created so much hype not because it was Dhanush’s 25th but also Velraj turning director from cinematographer on top of which Dhanush producing his 25th himself. There are many reasons why you should watch VIP,will list a few in this review.

This story is something millions will relate, it throws light on the state of unemployed Engineers. And our protagonist did that job very well in portraying the role. It’s a story of unemployed Engineering graduate Raghuvaran(Dhanush) who does not want to deflect from his core field, whilst gets all the insult a VIP would get.  Dhanush is an actor who have proved his mettle umpteeth time and National Award is a proof for that. This role was tailor made for him, he fits in to that attire hands down. In the first half as a VIP and in the second with a refined one. It’s very clear, we can see the reflections of his father-in-law in his acting, that’s a compliment not sarcasm, when some tom, dick and harry can imitate him, why can’t his own son-in-law. He’s not an imitation but a reflection of him, there are a few scenes which just gives you the rush like watching Super Star himself. No one but Dhanush can carry a simple role of this kind and turn that in to a MASS performance. Whether it was the son,or brother or a lover or above all a honest Engineer all the aspects of that character were well done. D25th was at it’s best.

Amala Paul did a good job, even though she wasn’t seen much in the second half her role was a proper ingredient in the Raghuvaran’s life in the movie. There’s a scene where Dhanush calls her a serial actress, come on she is more than that, but it did bring a lot of applause in the hall.

Samudrakani who played the role of Dhanush’s father in the movie was great, his dialogues were simple but it does more than just words, he played the role well.

Saranya Ponnavan, what can we say about her, she’s the super mom of Kollywood no one can replace her. She’s the mother which everyone will relate to, her role was short but leaves a impact.

Vivek returned in his usual attire after a while, but has lost the charm which he used to have in good old days, his role was good but does not stays like how it use to be.

The new entries Hrishikesh as Dhanush’s brother and Amitesh as the villain a.k.a AMUL BABY were good, Amitesh has to work on his dialogue delivery apart from that he’s good, did really fit the Amul Baby role aptly. Hrishikesh couldn’t have got a better movie to start off. Surabhi had a short stint but she looked like a doll and brought a great gleam to the film with her vibrant looks.

Anirudh, he’s been giving great albums since his inception as a composer. All the songs were scored well with great visuals.The song “Amma Amma”  described as a “lighting melody” between Dhanush and veteran singer S. Janaki was soulful and is dedicated to all the supermom’s. “What a Karavad” was a rage and the title track VIP was rocking the BGM was pulsating. Cinematography by Arunbabu was not up to the mark, few scenes seemed very under market. Editing by Rajesh Kumar was good.

Velraj handled the sentiments of millions of Engineers which is more than enough to make this flick a hit. Right from the start till the end it keeps you entertained. I see people saying it’s a cliched second half, I agree to that, but what do you expect from a masala entertainer. Velraj’s transition from cinematographer to Director did not go to a waste. Dialogues were a strong suit in the movie. All the scenes where the MASS factor was used were great, especially the climax fight, from which we can really call him our own Bruce LEE.

This movie goes out to all those Velai Illa Pattathari’s and the mighty Engineers. Definitely worth a watch, you won’t regret it. A clean family entertainer. It will satisfy the fans as well as the non fan group.

+’s – Good direction with great performances and strong dialogues.

-‘s – Cinematography was little dodgy.


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