Vallinam Movie Review

Production- Aascar Films|Aascar Ravichandran

Director- Arivazhagan Venkatachalam

Cinematography- Bhaskaran

Editing By- Sabu Joseph VJ

Original Music by- S. Thaman

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Nakul,Mrudhula Basker,Siddharth Jonnalagadda,Amzath Khan,Atul Kulkarni,Jagan,Y. Gee. Mahendra,Anupama Kumar,Chandru,Mathivanan Rajendran,Jayaprakash,Santhana Bharathi,Krishna Kulasekaran(Cameo),RJ Balaji(Cameo) & Aadhi (Cameo)

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Vallinam….There are hardly movies made based on sports,and when they do it’s fun to watch. Arivazhagan from Eeram fame have ventured in to sports after horror. It deals with a sport which is not favored as much as cricket in our country and that is Basket Ball. This stars Nakul in the lead with new face Mrudhula opposite to him.

The story is about a college lad who is good at basket ball stops playing that sport due to an accidental death of his best friend,moves to a different city to start over,where his love for that sport follows him. In a country where cricket is considered as the elite sport everything else is secondry,its hard to convince someone to accept basket ball. A clash between seniors and juniors lead to a challenge to prove their love and dedication to the game. Arivazhagan have used all the commercial elements to keep this game going on,but should have focussed on the game solely rather having a love angle which was the only hurdle in this game.

Nakul did a great job,though was not an expert in basket ball gave his best by undergoing intense training for that sport. His dialogue delivery is sharp and fits the students bill aptly. Mrudhula a newbie in the industry was a perfect girl next door,unfortunately the chemistry between the lead was not great. Amzath Khan did good job.Jagan kept every one laughing. Jayaprakash & Y. Gee. Mahendran were seen in brief performances. Krishna,RJ Balaji and Aadhi were seen in cameo performances.

The music by Thaman was racy,background score built the tempo it required. Bhaskaran handled the camera with great finesse as the movie had a lot of fast action scenes involving basket ball game,which was well captured by him. Sabu Joseph complimented it with tight editing.

Arivazhagan’s fast screenplay keeps you glued to your seats with nail biting game situations. The game sequences were choreographed well,all of them had a life like stadium experience. The team has made a slam dunk. Watch it for their spirit for the game,its a decent sport based movie which will keep you entertained for the entire runtime. Get on to this court, these underdogs will give you a good game,you will have great fun cheering for them.

+’s- perfectly paced screenplay with good direction and Nakul’s performance.

-‘s- could have eliminated the love angle.

Rating: 3.5/5

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