Valiyavan Movie Review

Directed by M. Saravanan
Produced by K. Sampath
Written by M. Saravanan
Starring Jai , Andrea Jeremiah , Aaron Chaudhury , Azhagam Perumal
Music by D. Imman
Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan
Edited by Subarak

Vinodh (Jai) is walking along a subway, when an ultra-modern, super-glam girl suddenly stops him and proposes her love for him. Even before he can realise what is happening, this girl leaves the place and he is left wondering what is happening. He then begins searching high and low and identifies the girl as Subiksha (Andreah). When he finally tracks her down, she tells that the whole proposal incident was just a prank. But, Vinodh is now so totally into Subiksha, that he just continually follows her and pesters her to love him. Finally, she agrees to love Vindodh, but on one condition – that he beat Ashwin (a world famous boxing champion). Vinodh has no idea of boxing, but decides to learn it and take Ashwin on. How does he do it? Why did Subiksha propose to Vinodh in the first place? What secret past does Ashwin have? Can Vinodh overcome Ashwin and impress Subiksha? Watch Valiyavan to know…

Director Saravanan has established himself as a filmmaker to watch out for, with his earlier movies. InValiyavan, he has tried his hand at the commercial genre. The script is interesting and the screenplay makes the viewers guess what would happen next. Jai has undergone a total physical transformation and shows how he has taken pains to differentiate between the two halves of the movie. Andreah is just perfect for the role of Subiksha. The way she carries off an ultra-glam and strong-minded girl’s role is wonderful. Azhagamperumal and Anupama Kumar breeze through their roles as Vinodh’s parents. D. Imman’s music is good and the songs are catchy. The scenes show that there has been no compromise in the production department. If ther had been more clarity in the first half, the movie would have been even better.

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