Vaigai Express Movie Review

Vaigai Express Tamil thriller film directed by Shaji Kailas and produced by R. K. The film features R. K. himself and Neetu Chandra in the leading roles, while Nassar, Iniya, Suja Varunee, MS Bhaskar, Komal Sharma, RK Selvamani in the supporting roles. S Thaman composed the music and Sanjeev Shankar handles the camera.

Three murders happen at the same time in an AC coach of Vaigai Express, which is heading towards Chennai from Madurai. A young woman, a classical dancer and a TV reporter were killed in the train. While on an investigation, a terrorist, who travel on the same train is arrested as the suspect in the murders. Then the case is handed over to Samsudheen, the leader of the special investigation team. He finds out that the terrorist is not the murderer. An actress, who traveled on the same train, is also considered as a suspect and Samsudheen didn’t leave the TTR too. Who are the murderers and how Samsudheen finds it, is the crux of the story.

RK plays his role effectively. It is Neetu Chandra who steals the show with her acting as a famous shooter who is one of the three victims found in the train. Music by Thaman is loud in many places and the lack of songs is one of the biggest relief of the movie. Sanjeev Shankar’s cinematography is another positive. This movie story is very unique and connected with the emotions. You can say that the story plot is the backbone of this movie.

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