Vaayai Moodi Pesavum Movie Review

Balaji Mohan – He is one of the foremost short film directors, who entered Tamil Cinema with “Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi”. He is almost the pioneer in transforming a Short film into Feature film. Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi was a Bilingual (Tamil & Telugu) & succeeded at the box office in both the versions. His second movie “VMP” too is a bilingual, taken simultaneously in Tamil & Malayalam. Both, the version are getting released today. It marks the debut of Megastar Mammoootty’s son “Dulquer Salman” in Tamil. Trailer & Promotions of the movie were quite innovative and have created good expectation for the movie. Let us see whether it manages to satisfy the Common Man in this Review.

Vaaiyai Moodi Pesavum Movie Stills (8)

Story: It is a Fantasy story. An imaginary village is impacted due to DUMB FLU (people lose the ability to speak) & what happens next forms the crux of the story.

Dulquer Salmaan – He made his debut in Malayalam Cinema with “Second Show” in 2012. He has given some good movies such as “Utsaad Hotel”, which won 3 National Awards. But, recently, he couldn’t deliver a hit in Malayalam Cinema and this movie is very much important in his career, as it also marks his debut in Tamil Cinema. For most of the Telugu / Malayalam actors voice accent will be an issue, when they act in Tamil Movies. But, Dulquer’s accent is natural and it sounds good. Dulquer impresses with his voice in the first half & with subtle performance in the second half.

Nazriya Nazim – Nazriya looks beautiful without glasses & look quite good with glasses. She has got good characterization in the movie. Nazriya plays the role of a doctor, who hates talking and believes silence is the best way to solve the problems.

Madhubala – She makes her come back in Tamil Cinema with this movie as Nazriya’s step mother. She doesn’t have many scenes, but has utilized her opportunity very well.

Pandiarajan, Robo Shankar & John Vijay scenes have come out very well. Especially, Pandiarajan making spoof of current Politician will make the audience laugh to the core.

Music Director Sean Roldan & Cinematographer Soundararajan had been given unbelievable platform & they have delivered it in style. No one speaks in 90% of the second half, except the Director. BGM plays the most crucial role in the second half and Sean Roldan has grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Editor Abhinav Sunder Nayak, who has edited various good short films, makes his debut in Tamil Cinema. He has done good job.

Director Balaji Mohan had to be highly appreciated for making one if the biggest experimentation in Tamil Cinema. It is surprising to see a young director, experimenting in his second movie to this much extent. Even, an established director will not have guts to take a movie without dialogues for more than one hour. Producers Varun & Sashikanth have to be equally applauded for taking the huge risk.

Critics will praise the movie a lot as it is one of the boldest attempt in Tamil Cinema. Movie is technically too good and all the actors have given their best performance. Having said it, few people may think that the movie lacks the pace in the first half and will not be able to accept the second half, without dialogues.

Overall, VMP is one of the boldest attempt in Tamil Cinema, which will satisfy only the MULTIPLEX AUDIENCE & Experimental movie lovers.

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