Vaanavil Vaazhkai Movie Review

Vaanavil Vaazhkai, as the name goes is a story about the life of college students referring to the colourful youth life. All the actors in the movie are debutants and real life musicians too. As it is a musical film, the casting was done based on the ability to act and sing/compose songs. So, a fresh bunch of talents have carried the script on their shoulders. The cast includes Jithin, Preethi, Cassandra, Radhika, Sai Shankar, Shilvy, Maya, Gana Siva, Pavithran and Carnatic singer Soumya.

College life is full of fun and the most fun and entertaining part of the college life is the inter college competitions. The plot revolves around one such competition. The story starts with Jithin who comes to Chennai for graduation and continues on how their team is formed. The team moves from one level to other and members keep joining. When they are finally ready for a bigger moment, rivalries start.

Given the fact that all are young and talented, ego clashes are obvious. How is the team formed? What is the big opportunity that awaits them? What triggers the ego clash? Do they resolve it and make it in the competition? Do watch the movie in theatres to know all this.

For a team of first timers, they have done a good job and this attempt is something new which has to be appreciated. At this era of Cinema, releasing a movie with almost 17 songs requires great amount of confidence. The screenplay is light and travels around a simple journey of college students. If you are a music lover, do catch up Vaanavil Vaazhkai.

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