UTurn Movie Review

Rachana (Samantha) is an intern journalist who wants to report something big. She focuses on the traffic violators who move the divider blocks on a flyover. She is also in the process of getting close to her colleague, a crime reporter (Rahul Ravindran). Rachana gets the bike number of a violator from a roadside elderly person and traces his address. But he is found dead when Rachana visits his home. Now Rachana turns the prime suspect for the killing. A police officer called Nayak (Aadhi) believes that she is innocent and gets into the details of the case. He finds startling facts about many mysterious deaths that happened to all the violators who took the wrong turn. Who is behind these killings and what happens to Rachana?

Samantha’s makeover as a simple but independent girl is perfect. She got into the skin of the character and made us believe that she is an ordinary girl who is caught in an extra ordinary situation. Aadhi is good as a sincere cop. Rahul Ravindran also is aptly cast. Bhumika gets a small but important role to play. Pawan Kumar remained faithful to the original in spite of getting better star cast and bigger budget for the remake. He could recreate the magic of the original with taut narration and realistic taking. The way he hooks you on to the story is commendable. There are no songs in the film, but background score is on point. Cinematography by Niketh places you in the middle of the situation.

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