Uttama Villain Movie Review

The wait is over. Uttama Villain is here for us to experience, enthrall, embrace, entertain and engross. Directed by Ramesh Aravind starring Kamal Haasan, late director K Balachander, K Viswanath, Urvasi, Nasser, Jayaram, MS Bhaskar, Parvathy, Pooja Kumar and Andreah, the movie is produced by Thirrupathi Brothers, Raajkamal Film International and Studio Green. Eros International has released the movie. Music is by Ghibran, cinematography by Shamdat and editing by Vijay Shankar. Kamal has written the story and screenplay and has his touch in choreography and lyrics too. Gautami has worked as the costume designer for Uttama Villain.

Manoranjan is a superstar who was introduced by Marghadarisi and later started doing films with his father in law who is a producer. After his association with his father in law, he becomes a commercial hero and is targeted in the box office numbers. His wife loves him so deeply and they have a son who is not so impressed with the kind of movies his father works in. He is kind of not attached to his father for various reasons. In a success party, Manoranjan encounters two bitter truths of his life which shakes him altogether. When he faces the truth, he makes some quick decisions and moves back to his guru Marghadarisi against his father in law which creates few disturbances in his family life. What is that truth that made him go against his family to do a film with his guru that even means that he has to withdraw the case against him and also produce the movie himself, is the crux of the story.

Every actor in the movie have just lived as their character. Performances are so shuttle and down to earth and Kamal makes you weep and sob at some emotional sequences that stirs the reality in you. There are many layers in the script which if further explored, will be evolving into many other beautiful stories. So many intricate emotions have been entangled into one script. The other side of a celebrity, the result of a marriage that is made out of compulsion, what teenagers will do if left unattended, what breaks an ego, qualities of a ruler, importance of trust – so much and more.

Uttama Villain travels as a story within a story and the Uttaman character has many shades that easily establishes the many different facets of Ulaga Nayagan. Costumes are ravishing and suit the mood of the shot. Music is just apt – nothing more nothing less. Above all, it is a bliss to watch late director K Balachander on screen again. This movie is a tribute to him by Kamal Haasan. Urvasi steals the show with her natural acting, needless to say. There are many shots where you have to make a choice about whom to look at when so many good artists share screen space. Uttama Villain is a feast.

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