Utharavu Maharaja Review

Ravi is a Dhobi’s son. He suffers from dissociative identity disorder, after an incident in his childhood. He finds himself missing from home for a month, after waking up at night. He hears a command inside, which directs him to do things, which he not even knows. Years roll on and Ravi is now a youngster. He gets stuck in a huge controversy that he had looted Rs 400 crore from a businessman, but not in his original name. Later, Dr Arun Bose comes in to solve the issue. Did he resolve the issue?

Udhaya has performed well, but he should fully focus on choosing the right scripts. Kovai Sarala and Prabhu, both veterans, have offered solid support to the movie with their performance. MS Bhaskar has done his best. Music composer Naren Balakumar’s background score is loud, while two songs are ok. Asif has tried his level best to make his debut a remarkable one. The script is interesting, but when it is narrated, it loses its grip.

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