Uru Movie Review

Uru is psychological thriller film written and directed by Vicky Anand and Produced by V.P. Viji. The film stars Kalaiyarasan and Dhansika in the leading roles and features music composed by Johan Shevanesh.

Uru is a psychological thriller movie, where actor Kalaiarasan, an aspiring and failing writer decides to write a thriller based on fear and moves to a secluded villa in some hill station where he is often visited by his girlfriend Dhanshika. The problem comes when they feel a presence of watching eyes, of that of a masked man and the same mystery man tries to kill them. What happens next? Did Kalai and Dhansika escape from the place?

Kalaiyarasan and Dhanshika pair have acted excellently. Mime Gobi and Jaya Balan have acted decently and they have shown their characters excellently. Dhanshika had acted amazingly and had proved her individuality. John Shevanesh had scored the music which is lovely and melodious to hear. Prasanna S Kumar’s cinematographer is a big plus for Uru, he has provided stunning visuals for a horror thriller even with minimal lighting. Vicky Anand has scripted something new and has grabbed the attraction of the audiences. But the climax is well written, especially after knowing the real character of Jeevan and Jeenie’s act has also been well justified. Uru, which has a few edge-of-the-seat moments with twists and turns.

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