Un Samayal Arayil Movie Review

Production- Duet Movies|Prakash Raj

Director- Prakash Raj

Cinematography- Preetha

Editing- Kishore Te.

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Ilaiyaraaja

Cast- Prakash Raj,Sneha,Urvashi,Tejus,Samyuktha Hornad,Aishwarya,Vidyullekha Raman,Thambi Ramaiah,Elango Kumaravel,Achyuth Kumar,Mandya Ramesh,Brahmaji & M. S. Narayana.

Un Samayal Arayil….There’s no one in the industry who could have made this movie with utmost taste, It’s a remake of the Malayalam super hit movie Salt N’ Pepper by Ashiq Abu. I haven’t watched the original but enjoyed every bit of this recipe remade by Prakash Raj. Audience may have reservations perceiving this movie in midst of loud masala movie these days, but this stands out and makes you feel good. Something we have been missing on big screen for long from Tamil cinema.

Prakash Raj as an actor have proved umpteeth time, as an director he debuted with “Dhoni” which was a clean family entertainer but failed at box office due to it’s intense approach throughout the movie, as an Producer he has seen success all the time. With this he hits a hatrick Producer,Director and Actor. He excelled in all three areas. As Kalidasan he not only portrays the middle aged insecurities but have lived them. He’s a perfect example for versatility.

Sneha is a potential talent which is not being explored to fullest. She can look pretty and captivate you in a simple salwar kameez. There’s no doubt about her acting prowess. She did a great job as Gowri.

Tejus as Naveen and Samyuktha as Meghana added little spice to this meal, which was well mixed by a great array of supporting cast Urvashi,Aishwarya,Vidyullekha Raman,Thambi Ramaiah & Elango Kumaravel. Thambi Ramaiah has a short stint but he brings in enough laughs.

Illayaraja’s music and BGM was great which was an added flavor to this Samayal. Preetha captured all the cuisines so tastefully, which literally leaves your mouth open, especially the scene where they prepare the RAINBOW cake. Kishore did a good job in cutting the picture, which made the little draggy second half bearable.

Prakash Raj kept the romance alive with simple yet cheesy sequences which you enjoy to the fullest, for example nick name “Dosa“. The humor was laced well without forcing it down your throat. This one is different from the usual commercial cinema we have been fed these days which is hard to digest.

This Samayal had good performances, suave direction seasoned with Illayaraja’s music. Prakash Raj vin Arayail intha Samayal Pramaatham. Leaves you longing for second serving!!! 

+’s – Great direction, mesmerizing music with good performances.

-‘s – It becomes little draggy in the second half.

Rating: 3.75/5.

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