TURBO Movie Review

Production- DreamWorks Animation

Director- David Soren

Screenplay- David Soren,Robert Siegel & Darren Lemke

Editing- James Ryan

Original Music by- Henry Jackman

Cinematography- Chris Stover

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|Dolby Atmos|Auro 3D 11.1

Cast- Ryan Reynolds,Paul Giamatti,Michael Peña,Samuel L. Jackson,Luis Guzmán,Bill Hader,Snoop Dogg,Maya Rudolph,Ben Schwartz,Richard Jenkins,Ken Jeong,Mike Bell & Michelle Rodriguez.




TURBO….Ever thought that a slowest mollusc will turn out to be the fastest on track?? These fantasies come true from the wonderful animation movies these days. A garden snail(Theo/Turbo) who dreams of becoming an racer and wants the life on a fast track, where everyone else around him have made peace with their slow life including his own brother(Chet). A miracle happens when he almost loses his confidence, an amazing thought of Nitrous oxide getting fused with it’s DNA giving us a Turbo Charged Snail.  

David Soren(Director) has done a great job in depicting every character whether it’s the array of snails or the humans in the movie, each and every one are simply irresistible. Engaging screenplay keeps you on the edge of the seat all the time, all the elements have been captured well. The animation was delectable and it was life like. 3D effects were mind blowing with shattering sound in Auro 11.1 which just gives you the rush, the race track sequences were so lively it will make you feel as if you are watching it live in a stadium. Voices lent by leading hollywood actors complimented and suited well with the respective characters.

This movie shows how someone’s dream can come true if they are determined to achieve it at any cost, whether it’s the garden snail or the Taco Boy(Tito) who believes in a snail to fulfill his dreams, the relationship between the characters were well woven and have been portrayed well. Turbo is 97 minutes of sheer enjoyment which will put you right in the drivers seat. Sit back,buckle up,shift the gear and step on the gas, the sound you will hear is music to your ears. Whoaaa!! That Snail is Fast!!! Catch this snail before its gone because He is Fast and you will end up furious.

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