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TUPAKEYS….Is a Tamil Hip-Hop band which has Tamil and English rappers,beatboxers and music composers. The music producer is none other than Bobo Shashi who was the music director for the movie “Kulir 100 Degree”, this movie’s music was super hit and was different from all the other soundtracks. He has also composed several other albums like Takita Takita, and NAMMA CHENNAI.

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Let me know Introduce you to the band;

MC V-key he is chennai’s first beatboxer and tamil rapper. He has performed several shows and have worked with famous musicians alongside rapped in movies as well. He started his career back in 2007, and is called the pioneer of beatbox. He is one of the most efficient beatboxer, rapper and lyricist. You will see his work in upcoming Tupakeys albums.

MC Rude he is the youngest in the band who started his career at the age of 18 and is the only reggae artist in town, he took a further step in free style rapping and was brought to limelight through this band.

MC Ak he started beatboxing and emceeing right from the age of 16 and has hit many stages in town. He has an immense passion towards hip-hop culture with rich tamil culture which gave a way to create a great hip-hop culture in tamil music industry.

Syed Ibu he is a renowned beatboxer and rapper who had participated in the fresh face contest by Times of India and has won that title too. He paved his way through the hip-hop scene by mastering the beatbox and rap. He specializes in tamil instrumental beatbox which is popular worldwide. 

They seem to storm the scene very soon with their rich hip-hop culture in Tamil music industry, they recently composed a promotional track for DANCE TAMIZHA DANCE a talent show which is featuring on Zee Tamil. They are at the moment busy with their upcoming album and a music video “Pengalin Sirappu” the title seems to be interesting, stay tuned to get blown off  with their new album.

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