Transformers Age of Extinction Movie Review

Production- Paramount Pictures|di Bonaventura Pictures|Hasbro|China Movie Channel|Jiaflix Enterprises

Director- Michael Bay

Editing- Paul Rubell|Roger Barton|William Goldenberg

Cinematography- Amir Mokri

Original Score by- Steve Jablonsky

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|SDDS|Dolby Atmos

Cast- Mark Wahlberg,Nicola Peltz,Jack Reynor,Kelsey Grammer,Sophia Myles,Li Bingbing,T. J. Miller,Titus Welliver & Stanley Tucci.

Transformers: Age of Extinction….The story picks up 4 years from the Chicago incident. In this a curious and broke inventor(Mark Wahlberg) stumbles on to a junk which turns out to be a Transformer, that brings down the Autobots and the government agency on his family. From there on all you can hear is metal clinging throughout until your ears wear out.

Michael Bay know for his larger than life image when joined hands with Steven Spielberg it’s for sure you’ll get a picture which you can’t imagine. This is a sequel to “Dark Of the Moon”. Screenplay by Ehren Kruger was good. The plot was strong, but what it lacked was the depth of characters, which was concentrated in the previous movies. Here there are so many that you in fact forget few of their names. It’s a 3 hour long movie but the action is non-stop. It does get little lengthy towards the end, which could have been cut short. Well who cares about that when you see these Autobots puts soul in to the mechanical robots.

Mark Wahlberg was a great choice for this role which in fact was offered to Dwayne Johnson, who couldn’t do it due to scheduling problems, well that became Mark’s benefit. He did a great job who carried the character well as a responsible dad and a great human being. Which was well supported by Nicola Peltz who played Mark’s daughter, her Shorts may be short but her talent goes way long, she is a promising one and a keeper. Jack Reynor did a decent job as a dreamy boyfriend cum racing driver. Stanley Tucci was uptight at the same time funny who was accompanied well by Sophia Myles & Li Bingbing.

The vital part of the movie are the Autobots, they were mind blowing, there are no words to explain the heroism they’ve shown on screen in this flick. The heroic entry of Optimus Prime was a spectacle to watch, which was complimented with the crowd going insanely crazy which just reminded me of watching Rajinikanth’s movie on FDFS. Then followed the favorite Camaro a.k.a “Bumble Bee” entry which was equally welcomed. The action sequences were marvelously shot and meticulously created by the VFX team. All of them were a treat to watch. The cinematography by Amir Mokri was splendid, he knows his way around the camera, a movie of this caliber really needed a vision of such perfection. A trio of editors Paul Rubell|Roger Barton|William Goldenberg  made a technical marvel out of the action scenes which were sharper than the swords used by the Autobots. 

There were array of exotic cars right from Lamborghini till Bugatti, which transforms. The Dinobots were a special attraction and appeared at a vital point in the movie adding more rush to the movie. The 3D was spectacular with metal crunching sound mixed from Dolby Atmos. Would have been a great treat in IMAX.

Transformers Age of Extinction keeps you hooked on for it’s grandeur action and special effects, it definitely satisfies the fans but might tire out a regular movie goer. Don’t stress yourself in making sense out of the plot instead, get your senses blown at a cinema near you with the mind blowing stupendous action and special effects.

+’s – Life like special effects with great action sequences supported by decent performances.

-‘s – Lengthy runtime.

Rating: 3.5/5.

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