Theru Naaigal Review

Theru Naaigal action drama film written and directed by S. Hari Uthraa. The film features Pratheek and Akshatha Sreedhar in the lead roles, with an ensemble cast of actors including Appukutty, Imman Annachi, Pavel Navageethan, Madhu Soodhanan and Mime Gopi in pivotal roles.

The story is that what happens if the ordinary people raise their voice against an MLA, who didn’t care about his people and plans a chemical factory and destroy the livelihood of the people. The hero and his friends work under Imman Annachi. Their boss Imman Annachi doesn’t treat them as the employees but as kith and kin. One day when Imman Annachi went out with his friend, he was murdered by the gangsters. The friends, who couldn’t bear the loss of their boss, plan something different. Who is the main reason for Imman’s death? What is the plan designed by the friends? Did their plan work out?

Debutant director S Hari Uthra chooses to turn the film into a mystery through a fragmented timeline. So, the film skips back and forth around an eagerly-awaited election result, showing a wide variety of characters weaving a number of plots whose dots don’t really join up till interval. cinematography of Thalapathy Rathnam also gives the film a certain rawness that works to its advantage. The Cinematography is being deprived in each frame and the music need to boost up. The performances of the artists need some energy. An actor Imman Annachi had given the best and other artists have not focused on their job

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