Thegidi Movie Review

Production- Thirukumaran Entertainment|ABI TCS|C. V. Kumar

Director- P.Ramesh

Cinematography- Dinesh Krishnan

Editing By- Leo John Paul

Original Music by- Nivas Prasanna

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Ashok Selvan,Janani Iyer,Kaali,Pradeep Nair & Jayaprakash.

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Thegidi….It’s a crime suspense thriller directed by P. Ramesh, Here a lad who finishes his criminology degree gets placed in a detective agency, is assigned his first case to shadow and surveillance few subjects. They have a rule book which has to be followed strictly. Whereas Vetri played by Ashok Selvan deviates from it as he falls for one of the subject. The consequences he faces later due to this mistake follows the story. Ramesh has put together an interesting screenplay which holds you for entire 122 minutes.

I would say this is a perfect debut for Ashok Selvan rather than “Soodhu Kavuum” or “Pizza 2”, that is because his talent is explored well as Vetri. He gave a convincing performance as a rookie in the detective field, not only that he is quite a charmer as well, so he can be used for sweet romantic stories, that you can very well see in the scenes with Janani Iyer. The female lead played by Janani Iyer as Madhu is a petite beauty who will steal your heart at first glance. Mostly in a subject like this there won’t be much importance given to the female lead,whereas here she was given equal importance, she did a great job. Kaali as Nambi who is recently seen in quite a few movies is slowly warming up to the friend character in the movies and is a good performer. Jayaprakash does not need any mention because it goes without saying he is a versatile actor.

The story is well woven with a gripping screenplay, It does not dull out even for a moment. The pre-interval scene was great as it leaves you gasping to know what happens next. Cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan was delectable with sharp editing by Leo John Paul. Music by Nivas Prasanna was great, my favorite is “Vinmeen” an amazing melody with great visuals, “Neethane” was nice fusion of rock and classical music, and “Neeyum Dhinam” by Andrea was a great track which gives you a James Bond opening feel, which was used for titles with cool animation.

Ramesh seems like has an idea to make this a series like Sherlock Holmes, the suspense factor of this movie is very intriguing, you will never guess. The best part is the climax, I don’t want to give away spoilers and before someone gives away the end please watch it soon at a cinema near you. I really wish Ramesh makes “Thegidi” a franchise with the character “VETRI”, who could be our own “Sherlock Holmes”!! THEGIDI rolled a hard EIGHT,don’t miss it.

+’s- Gripping screenplay, with great direction and performances. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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