The Wolverine Movie Review

Production- Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation|Marvel Entertainment|Dune Entertainment

Director- James Mangold

Screenplay-  Mark Bomback & Scott Frank

Editing- Michael McCusker

Original Music by- Marco Beltrami

Cinematography- Amir Mokri

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|Dolby Atmos

Cast- Hugh Jackman,Tao Okamoto,Rila Fukushima,Hiroyuki Sanada,Svetlana Khodchenkova,Brian Tee,Hal Yamanouchi,Will Yun Lee & Famke Janssen.


Don’t miss the scene post main credits wait for it, you won’t regret if you are a X-MEN series fan.

THE WOLVERINE…. It picks up from where X-Men Last Stand ends with the death of  “Jean” and that keeps haunting The Wolverine who happens to kill her for greater good. This one explores the inner side of the character “Wolverine”. Here he is vulnerable and is pushed to his emotional and physical limits. It keeps you wondering what would be the end.  James Mangold has done a great job with this beast and tamed him well to suit its attire. These days superhero sequels are exploring the characters in depth rather focusing on just loud action throughout which gives you an inside of the character and builds a foundation for the upcoming sequels. The Wolverine is the 6th in the series of X-MEN.

James Mangold has revived the glory which was pretty much lost back in 2009 with the X-Men Origins-Wolverine. That was not well received by the fans and the critics. This one here had repaired that image. He gave a chance to the character to redeem himself, this is loosely based on the japan’s storyline of the comic. The screenplay was paced a right level by Mark Bomback & Scott Frank. It keeps you hooked on to it. Though the film has a lot of Japanese you don’t feel detached, you may find subtitles for few dialogues but most are not subtitled. 

Hugh Jack man as The Wolverine has a great fan following here in India which I realized today, a sight of him the crowd went crazy and when the claws are out it went berserk. The intro was simple but had a great feel to it.  Hugh gives a great screen presence and it’s remarkable when he uses his name just once through out the movie in a sequence “who are you” “I’m Wolverine” that brings out the ferocious beast in him.  Tao Okamoto(Mariko) who plays the vital role in the movie is apt for the role supported by Rila Fukushima who is another character to look out for she is ferocious,quick,agile and cute. She has given a good performance as “Yukio”. Every superhero movie has a nemesis in this it’s  Svetlana Khodchenkova(Viper) nice touch with this characterization.

It has death defying action sequences with ninjas and samurai’s, with the theme being Japan it fulfills the appetite for some cool action you would crave for. The VFX was great especially the bullet train sequence. This movie was converted to 3D in post production but still gives a great depth throughout as if it was shot in 3D. It’s a shame that inspite of DOLBY ATMOS screens in the city it was released in regular format, still the sound was mind blowing. Sharp editing with spectacular cinematography wraps up this ensemble in a great style. Definitely worth a watch as it gives a new dimension to the character and will justify it’s previous movies. It ends at note which will make you so eager for the next movie, don’t miss it catch it before it’s off the silver screens.

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