The Great Gatsby 3D Review

Production- Warner Bros./Village Roadshow

Directed by- Baz Luhrmann

Editing- Jason Ballantine, Jonathan Redmond & Matt Villa

Original Music by- Craig Armstrong

Cinematography- Simon Duggan

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital,SDDS & Datasat

Cast- Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan, Elizabeth Debicki, Isla Fisher, Joel Edgerton and Amitabh Bachchan.


This is a remake of the same title back in 1974 with Robert Redford. Which has Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead in the new version. Baz Luhrmann(Director) who is known for ROMEO+JULIET, MOULIN ROUGE & AUSTRALIA has a knack for movies with period backdrops, so is this one set during 1922. It’s adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Long Island-set novel.

This one has Baz written all over with his flamboyance style. The narrative style of the movie is amazing, which does not tire you, Toby Maguire as Nick Carraway who is a small timer at wall street comes to New York with dreams of making it big where he discovers his lavish neighbor Jay Gatsby(Leonardo DiCaprio) from where on he is engaged in series of events trying to unfold the mystery who is Gatsby? . Love interest Daisy Buchanan played by Carey Mulligan who is simply an amazing actress, her personality is something which demands undivided attention. Toby Maguire has done a good job, who was not seen for quite sometime on screen, supported by Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher. DiCaprio never ceases to entertain, his first appearance in the movie is well applauded and welcomed by the audience, he gets better and better with every role he does. And last but not the least the character which has less screen space in the movie but a pivotal one played by none other than our own BIG B Amitabh Bachchan as Meyer Wolfsheim is charismatic, the best part is his name is featured at the end of the credits stating AND Amitabh Bachchan which is awesome and respectful, couldn’t stop but shout in excitement.

There may be negative reviews about this movie, mainly due to the pace which slows down in the 2nd half, which is a trademark of Baz Luhrmann. Well narrated screenplay, amazing VFX in setting up the period, 3D was stunning, amazing visuals which fills the screen with joyous colors, awesome soundtrack which sets the mood, great editing with amazing sound mixing. It’s a heart wrenching love story right till the last stroke of the pen which titles “THE GREAT GATSBY” . Highly recommended for pure cinema lovers.

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