Thani Oruvan Movie Review

The main attraction of the film is the mind blowing performance delivered by the lead cast who have done full justice to their respective roles. Jayam Ravi plays an aggressive IPS officer who goes behind evil doers to stop them. Though this is the first time Jayam Ravi dons Khaki, the handsome actor has delivered a fab performance. On the other hand, Arvind Swamy’s dashing performance as the baddie for the first time, leaves the audience awestruck. Despite being the villain, Arvind Swamy is admirable for his stylish body language and crisp dialogue delivery. Arvind’s role is equally important as that of Ravi’s, and both the actors look equally stunning on screen. The clash of wits between the duo makes this film unique and interesting.

Gorgeous Nayantara pairs with the hero, and does not confine herself to romance. Her role of an IAS trainee helps in the development of the film’s story at many points. Jayam Ravi – Nayantara combination sparkles on screens in this mature romance. Bollywood’s most celebrated heroine Mugdha Godse has delivered an impressive performance. Her partnership with the baddie, Arvind Swamy adds to the evil. With his character, the director has delivered a message that evil is more horrifying when it is disguised in a more attractive and glamorous outlook, which seduces people and makes them fall under its spell. The supporting cast of Harish Uthaman, Vamsi Krishna and Sricharan have played their respective roles to perfection. Ganesh Venkatram’s performance as the role of Jayam Ravi’s friend does not go unnoticed. Thambhi Rammaiya’s humorous role brings in lighter moments, between the thrilling scenes.

M. Raja who has been crowned as a specialist in remakes, but with Thani Oruvan he has proved his own writing and directorial skills to be highly competitive to other original creators. Though the film has a tried and tested concept, the way in which it has been narrated stands unique. The film truly marks the comeback of the director with a bang! Thani Oruvan is technically very strong because of its intriguing screenplay and Ramji’s cinematography. Unlike other recent releases, Thani Oruvan is packed with thrills from start to end. The ace cinematographer has created magic through his camera, with the selection of colour tone making one feel like watching a Hollywood film. Despite being a two and a half hour film, it’s not boring at any point, for which editor Gopikrishna’s clever cuts have to be appreciated. The film’s well crafted situational songs and engaging background score from Hiphop Tamizha is laudable. In a nutshell, Thani Oruvan is a pakka action thriller which one cannot miss. The complete commercial action package!

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