Tamil film media federation statement

Its been heard that newly formed Tamil Cinema Pathukappu Padai which consists of members from Producers Council, Tamil Cinema Director’s council, Thenninthiya Nadikar Sangam & FEFSI came up with a resolutions against Media by enforcing the PRO union to restrict the media by extend the Event & Movie invitations only to the selected 30 media.

With regards to this about 150 Tamil Cinema Press reporters from TV, Press & Websites were met and showed their distress on restriction. Thus discussed regarding this issue and after an input from several reporters, we came up with the following resolutions.

We are strongly opposing the decision of Tamil Cinema Pathukappu Padai decision to restrict the media.
Its been decided to ignore & not to co-operate in future by any means with T. Siva, T.G.Thyagarajan, L.L.M.Muralitharan, A.L.Azhagappan of Producers Council. Vikraman, RK Selvamani, V.Sekar of TANTIS. Sarathkumar, Radharavi of Thenninthiya Nadikar Sangam & Shiva of FEFSI.
Its been decided to ignore all Venthar Movies related news as T.Siva representing it.
Its been decided not to publish any Movie Event photos or news, if any of the above said persons attending it.
We request Tamilnadu Chief Minister Dr.Amma to protect all the Tamil Cinema Associations from Pachamuthu’s domination.
As FEFSI Shiva too against media, we gonna request All India Film Employees Association to remove FEFSI Shiva from president as he is not fit for that post.
We are going to convey this disrespect to Press Club.
From today we will be ignore all the Tamil Cinema related events for one month.
We are requesting our media friends which features in the Tamil Cinema Pathukappu Padai to extend their help and support to us.
The media persons ignored in this list are requested to convey the same to their management and stood by this decision.
The above said resolution will come into effective immediately.

For this issue a committee has been formed which consists of Mr.Bismi, Mr.Sankar, Mr.Theni Kannan, Mr.Vincent, Mr.Rameshkumar who will be the official Point of Contacts.

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