Taken 3 Exclusive Trailer

Production- Luc Besson|EuropaCorp

Distributed By- EuropaCorp Distribution|20th Century Fox

Director- Olivier Megaton

Cinematography- Eric Kress

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|DOLBY ATMOS

Original Music by- Nathaniel Méchaly

Cast- Liam Neeson,Forest Whitaker,Famke Janssen,Maggie Grace,Dougray Scott,Sam Spruell & Leland Orser.

TAK3N….This is another franchise which is famous with the Indian audience, Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills once again returns with his set of skills which astounds you at every level. This time it’s hard and is very personal where he is wrongly accused of his wife’s murder, revenge is a bitch which bites you when you least expect it, what happens next will be a action feast to the TAKEN fans. Forest Whitaker joins the cast which will be a great addition. With Taken 3 it comes to an end.

Luc Besson’s movies are known for his slick style, who will be producing this one again and is directed by Oliver Megaton from “Taken 2”. The action seems to out do the previous movies, looks more explosive and mind blowing. My favorite scene is the “Porsche breaking the landing wheel”  that’s something we haven’t seen before, one more reason to wait for January. Taken 3 looks very appealing and will begin the year with high octane action setting the mood for the other upcoming Hollywood explosions in 2015.

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