Sutta Kadhai – Movie Review

Production- Libra Productions|Ravinder Chandrasekaran

Director- Subu

Editor- Suriya

Original Music by- Madley Blues

Cinematography- Nizar

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|Auro 11.1

Cast- Balaji Venugopal,Venkatesh Harinathan,Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli,M. S. Bhaskar,Lakshmi Ramakrishnan,Jayaprakash & Nasser.

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Sutta Kadhai….It’s another one from the stable of black comedies, where the new director Subu has a different approach on this genre, he has managed to squeeze in few laughs which does cracks you up but after a while it gets too stale and annoying, the movie happens to a be a murder mystery with twists and turns, where 2 constables Balaji Venugopal(Ramki) & Venkatesh Harinathan(Sangili)set their foot down to investigate the murder of Ottagam(M. S. Bhaskar). Meanwhile they also fall head over heels with the daughter of the dead played by Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli(Silandhi) who is a vigilante from the local tribe. What happens there on is a ride for 1hr:45mins.

The main characters were well chosen and the best performance was by Venkatesh Harinathan, he was amazing followed by Balaji Venugopal. Nasser’s character was good. But Jayaprakash was wasted in the movie. This being an murder mystery with twists and turns ends very simple with twists getting straightened by itself in an obvious manner.

The positives of the movies are sound mixing which was done in Auro 11.1 along with good lens work by Nizar with the help of Red Epic Camera. The background score was good by Madley Blues and the picture was well cut by Suriya. The concentration was given more on technicality but lost on screenplay, which was a very potential one and would have been a great Kadhai with little more care, even though the run time was short it did feel like a drag for a bit.

Sutta Kadhai Innum konjam nalla Sutt irrukellam!!!

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