Step Up All In Movie Review

Production- Summit Entertainment|Lionsgate

Director- Trish Sie

Screenplay by- John Swetnam

Editing- Niven Howie

Cinematography- Brian Pearson

Original Score by- Jeff Cardoni

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|Dolby Atmos

Cast- Ryan Guzman,Briana Evigan,Misha Gabriel,Adam Sevani,Alyson Stoner,Mari Koda,Christopher Scott,Luis Rosado,Martín Lombard,Facundo LombardChristopher Scott,Izabella Miko & Džajna “Jaja” Vaňková.

Step Up All In a.k.a Step Up 5….This one is fifth in the series directed by Trish Sie. This is another series which gets repeat audience in spite of lack in story telling, the reason being mind blowing dance sequences. This one is no different struggling dance crew loses to a posh dance crew, crew breaks up, pretty boy finds a new crew and competes in a big dance off with huge prize money and unlimited fame. That forms the crux of the story. 

What makes this one better than the previous ones?? the techniques used in dance choreography. Earlier there were WATER and ELECTRICS now we have SAND and FIRE. You can just go on and on about the dance sequences in the movie, they are endless one better than the other. Just when you think that you had enough, they knock you down with a jaw dropping climax sequence, which leaves you in awe of their performance. Watch out for the ROBOT Couple, who made a great impression. So was the well structured guy who makes you wonder whether he’s really got bones inside his body, he puts down VFX to shame with his moves.

Apart from choreography one other thing which makes this one better is the old crews are back together that includes Moose(Adam G. Sevani),Andie(Briana Evigan),Jenny Kido(Mari Koda),Marcos Santiago(Facundo Lombard) & Martin Santiago(Martín Lombard). Moose gets loose with Andie’s tight moves relaxed by Jenny Kido’s skate move which you would applaud without doubt well supported by the Lombard Twins.

With our very own Step Up like movie ABCD coming out with sequel ABCD 2 with Shardha Kapoor in the lead will have to see whether they live up to their ABCD.

Let the story slide by, don’t even get there because STEP UP is all about DANCE and only DANCE, that will be served well leaving you asking for more, all the death defying dance moves were well captured by Brian Pearson supported by Niven Howie’s tight editing. It very well satisfies the STEP UP fans, and It will even if you are not one. But for the dancers who think you can dance, have a look at it and learn one or two from them.

+’s – Breathtaking dance sequences with great soundtrack.

-‘s – Screenplay falls flat in front of Dance.

Rating: 3.5/5.

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