Starlets and stars seek more of Vairamuthu

Poet Vairamuthu is penning his lyrics passionately to the leading stars of the celluloid

world. Having apportioned greater time and thought to his literary sojourn last year,

he is investingĀ  more of his time this year in the magical screen world.

The Vijay’s sixtieth blockbuster directed by Bharathan from the house of Vijaya

Productions, the entire songs are being conceived by him. Keerthi Suresh co stars

with Vijay in this movie, santhosh narayanan is Composing the music.

Mani Rathnam’s next film with music by A.R. Rehman sees seven songs of

Vairamuthu. Karthi and Sai pallavi are the stars of this venture.

Linguswamy’s venture starring Allu Arjun would witness eight of his great songs.

Surya – Samantha starrer ’24’ directed by Vikramkumar with Music from A.R.

Rahman gets his lyrics.

Vijay Sethupathi – Tamanna ‘Dharmadurai’ directed by Seenu ramaswamy gets all its

songs from Vairamuthu.

Marudhu starred by Vishal and Sri Divya with Iman asĀ  music composer also gets his


Vikramprabhu Ranya Rao ‘Waga’ a screen story by G.N.R. Kumaravel gets its heart

rending love lyrics.

Director Suseendhran’s next movie starring Udhayanidhi – Manjima Mohan gets all

of its songs from him.

He tunes himself to changing wavelengths and life styles of the present generation of


We query him.

Will, there be a movie without songs?

Will there be a life without songs!!

Retorts Vairamuthu.

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