Sketch Movie Review

Aruldoss works for Hareesh Peradi and seizes vehicles of loan defaulters. During an accident, he loses his hand. RK Suresh who comes as Arul’s assisstant thinks of coming to his place. However, Arul proposes his nephew Vikram’s name for the job. Soon Vikram also starts lifting the cars with his team of three friends – Kumar, Bhaskar and Guna.

Meanwhile, the hero, who is hailed as ‘Sketch’ for his perfect planning and execution of things, falls in love with Tammannah while seizing her friend’s car. At one point Vikram seizes the car of a popular rowdy Baburaj who vows to have his revenge on Vikram. Following this, one-by-one Vikram’s friends start to die. He sets out to find out the person behind the deaths. Did he succeed in his quest, did Baburaj have his revenge, what did RK Suresh do to take revenge on Vikram forms the rest of the story.

Vikram has carried the entire movie on his shoulders and has delivered his character with ease. He has done exceptionally well in the action sequences. Similarly, Tammannah too has some scope to perform and has utilised it to the fullest. All other characters in the movie has understood their role and have executed the task well.

Director Vijay Chander has given a commercial masala with a message at the end. He has given a movie that will satisfy Vikram fans to the fullest. The movie travels with good pace and has an unexpected pre-climax twist which is one of the major positives of the movie. Thaman’s BGM and songs are also another advantage to the movie, however the placement of the songs could have been better. On the whole, Sketch is a template masala film which will satisfy the commercial movie likers.

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