Shot to Fame with Shoot The Kuruvi

Vishal Chandrasekhar is the music director of Jil Jung Juk, a movie in which not one but all the songs are a rage amongst the young crowd today. The craze is all the more evident during promotional events at various colleges when the students take to singing, dancing, and cheering for Shoot The Kuruvi. But how many of us know that Jil Jung Juk had no songs in the initial script and that the director approached the composer only for the background music score?
Director Deeraj later decided to have just one song, and then irresistibly added more tracks making it a complete album for Jil Jung Juk.
“Siddharth and Deeraj were very clear that a combination of weird and quirky would be the perfect combination for the songs of Jil Jung Juk. Shoot The Kuruvi was an R & B track with a dialogue section by Radha Ravi. Domer-u Lord-u, a western folk, Red Road-u, a mix of retro jazz, and Casanova, a jazz and dub step track.” Vishal adds, “Frankly speaking, this is the kind of project that I was waiting for. And Siddharth has helped bring my music to spotlight. I wanted to give all strength to the score.” It is also noteworthy to mention that celebrities namely Salman Khan, Jayam Ravi, Vishal, and Arya released the songs of the album online on various occasions.

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