Sholay 3D Movie Review

Original Production- United Producers|Sippy Films

3D Producers- Shaan Uttam Singh|Sascha Vijay Sippy|UTV Motion Pictures Release

Director- Ramesh Sippy

Screenplay- Salim-Javed

Original Music by- R.D.Burman

Cinematography- Dwarka Divecha

Editing- M. S. Shinde

Film Format- Digital 3D

Sound Mix- Dolby Atmos|Dolby Digital

Cast- Dharmendra,Sanjeev Kumar,Amitabh Bachchan,Hema Malini,Jaya Bhaduri,Satyen Kappu,A.K. Hangal,Sachin,Jagdeep,Leela Mishra,Asrani,Keshto Mukherjee,Mac Mohan,Viju Khote,Iftekhar,Helen,Jalal Agha & Amjad Khan.

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SHOLAY 3D….This cult classic no matter which format it’s being viewed still remains the great movie till date. It was released back in 1975, three decades and there is no replacement to it. Ramesh Sippy had assembled a great star cast ever and created a trend of multi-starrer movies during that time. Screenplay by Salim-Javed was great and direction by Ramesh Sippy was marvelous, Sholay is indeed the greatest story ever told. Which created a trend and still people quote references from this movie, It had the most iconic villain “Gabbar Singh” of all time.

After two major production company rejected the script by Salim-Javed was later favored by Ramesh Sippy, that’s how this classic was taken from paper to big screen. There were too many speculations on who will be playing which character after brainstorming for sometime, they finalized the cast. Initially Jai(Amitabh Bachchan) was supposed to be played by Shatrughan Sinha after persuasion from the director BIG B was considered. Dharmendra actually wanted to play Thakur Baldev Singh or Gabbar but he changed his mind when he was told that Sanjeev Kumar is slated to play Thakur, and he  would play Veeru instead and get the girl. At that time, both Sanjeev Kumar and Dharmendra were vying for Hema Malini’s attention. Later Gabbar was offered to Danny Denzongpa, who could not commit due to dates went to Amjad Khan who was debuting in this movie and was the best choice. Hema Malini was a sweetheart of many at that time and fitted the role of “Basanti” to perfection. Jaya Bhaduri was an apt choice for the role of “Radha” with fewer words. Sholay gave birth to few small characters which are still alive in every ones mind like “Soorma Bhopali(Jagdeep)”,”The Jailor(Asrani)” , “Kaalia(Viju Khote)” and “Sambha(Mac Mohan)”. The dialogues are still famous “Kitne aadmi the??” , “Arey oh Sambha”,”Yeh Haat mujhe dede Thakur”  and the dreadful Gabbar’s laugh.

Filmmaker Ketan Mehta’s company Maya Digital was responsible for converting the film into 3D format.Mehta was approached by G. P. Sippy’s grandson, Sasha Sippy in 2010 for the project.In March 2012, Shaan Uttam Singh, the grandson of producer G.P. Sippy, said that he would sponsor a conversion of the film to 3D, and release it in late 2012 this was later postponed to late 2013, and eventually finalised for 3 January 2014. It took 25 crores to re-create this movie in 3D and 350 artists worked on digital 3D format for which each and every scene had to be individually restored, colour-corrected and re-composited in 3D to match the depth.New set-pieces which lend themselves to the visual experience, particularly in the said format were also included, like digital logs which scatter in the direction of the camera during the first half of the film with the trains collision with them, the gunshot scene which frees Jai and Veeru from their handcuff along with the panoramic views of Gabbar’s hideout in the caves. All this visual work was mixed well in the latest sound revolution DOLBY ATMOS.

There was a huge turn out at the cinema for the re-release of SHOLAY 3D, audience from 6-60 were all eager to watch the cult classic once again, all the screens in the town for the weekend were full. That’s the magic of this movie. Right from the first frame till the end it was a great experience. Sholay was the first Indian film to be released in stereophonic soundtrack and to use the 70 mm widescreen format back in 1975, so is the reason the film’s poster logo was in the 70mm format to make people aware of it. They had hired Hollywood technicians and stuntmen for the train robbery, to get precision on the screen. In fact, the same set of people had worked on the Bond films starring Sean Cornery.

The first train robbery scene was an visual delight and was really shot well with the stuff they had that time, wonder why we can’t get that precision these days with amazing technology at disposal. The background score,theme music, Amitabh’s mouth organ tune and music was a delight to hear, “Yeh Dosti” ,”Holi ke Rang”, and top of all the sultry Helen’s “Mehbooba” which made the crowd go crazy!!!! It was a sheer experience which can be re-lived, watch this on big screen with your entire family and get blown away by the sound which you would have not heard till date. Hats off to the team who re-created this classic and kept it alive in digital format. “Yeh Dosti with Sholay, Hum nahi todenge”.

+’s- Amazing restoration, spectacular 3D, crunching sound in Dolby Atmos and the greatest story.

-‘s- None.

Rating: 5/5.

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