Production- Kiran Rao|Recyclewala Films

Director- Anand Gandhi

Screenplay- Anand Gandhi

Editing- Adesh Prasad,Sanyukta Kaza & Satchit Puranik.

Original Music by- Naren Chandavarkar,Benedict Taylor & Rohit Sharma

Cinematography- Pankaj Kumar

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Aida Al-Khashef,Neeraj Kabi,Sohum Shah,Amba Sanyal,Faraz KhanVinay Shukla & Sameer Khurana.




SHIP OF THESEUS….It’s a film which explores the questions of identity,beauty,justice & meaning of death through 3 different characters who are brought together with one cause. Director Anand Gandhi under Kiran Rao’s production have given a new dimension to the Indian Independent Cinema and have put a mark in the international circuit of the same kind.

Aida Al-Khashef an Egyptian actress who plays the role of an visually impaired and a celebrated photographer has given an amazing performance, she is splendid and have depicted the role with finesse. Here the film explores the beauty through a blind person who uses sound to capture stunning images through camera which is impossible. Who is under the process of cornea replacement, this shows how beauty could be perceived even if it’s not visible to us. But the same person struggles to capture the same beauty when is returned with sight.

Neeraj Kabi plays an ailing monk who is fighting and has filed a petition against the laboratories which uses animals as testing specimens for various drugs and cosmetic products. He faces an issue in his life where he has to choose between life and principles, as he is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, which requires him to take medicines and that is something he refuses to take as he is against them. The ideology involved in this story makes you think and question life,death and meaning of it. Various arguments and references between Neeraj and Vinay Shukla are very interesting and at the same time humorous, but at the end you realize it’s importance.

Sohum Shah who is also one of the producers of this movie plays the role of a stock broker who has recently undergone kidney transplant. Whose grandmother is an activist and has her own idea of life which they don’t get along all the time. Later realizes that he may have been given a stolen kidney during transplant, which makes him investigate the source which in turn takes him through a journey where he tries to seek justice for a wage worker whose kidney was stolen and sold for a handsome amount of money. He tries to help the helpless worker wherein later money plays it’s magic.

All these 3 stories carries a strong message called LIFE which everyone is trying hard to live through everyday, but in this process we lose the purpose of the gift which is given to us. It raises a lot of debatable questions which will never see an end to it, it will make you think, realize and feel the ultimate purpose of it. The 3 main characters are brought together in the end due to a person who dies in an accident donating all his organs to 8 different people among which these 3 receive respectively. They are brought to a presentation to see how the person had lived his life before he passed away.

Neeraj Kabi, Aida & Sohum Shah have given outstanding performances, they can’t be compared. The movie has various languages spoken throughout and subtitled for the entire length keeping international audiences in mind. It has already won many awards at various respectable International Film festivals and is been called “Hidden Gem of the Year” .It is weirdly gripping with good humor, a visual poetry, stunningly captured through various emotions and an astounding journey of life. Sail in this ship and get immersed in to it’s deep analogy of life and and it’s reality. Definitely worth a watch, don’t miss it as we don’t get to see these kind of cinema all the time.

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