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‘Rajini’ song composer gets an opportunity to score songs for ‘Thala-Thalapathi’!

Sekar Sai Bharath released his debut song in DooPaaDoo last December. His first song was for superstar Rajinikanth’s birthday. The ‘Rajini Rajini’ song garnered lot of support among the youth and was subsequently telecast in KTV. Sekar Sai Bharath’s success in this song paved way for his debut in the movies.

Sekar Sai Bharath has now been signed as the music composer in director Vetri Mahalingam’s movie, ‘Visiri’. He has composed a song about both Thala & Thalabathi, for the fans to celebrate.

When asked about this, Sai Bharath said, “I’m an ardent fan of Rajini sir. I’m glad that the song about him reached so many people. I’m delighted that this song was the reason for my debut in movies. I’m currently working on a song about Thala-Thalabathi in Vetri sir’s movie, ‘Visiri’. I’m also working on a song named ‘Facebook Kaadhal’ to be released on February 14 for Valentines day. This song will also be launching in DooPaaDoo”.

He seemed excited and further added, “I’d like to thank DooPaaDoo and Vetri sir for the opportunities”.

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