‘My second innings is all set to begin’ says Paandiyoda Galatta Thangala lead Nithin Sathya

Horror and comedy have been associated with each other since the early days of horror novels. Following novels, movies became more popular among the audience in this genre. Comedy has the power of changing human moods. It can take a person out of depression and make him/her feel better. But what about mixing Horror and Comedy? The answer would be revealed by the upcoming Tamil Horror-Comedy ‘Paandiyoda Galatta Thanagala’ which is produced by ‘Vikoshiya Media Pvt.Ltd’ and directed by ST Guna Segaran. The film stars Nithin Sathya and Resha Raj in lead roles whereas Singampuli, Yogibabu, Mayilsamy, Iman Annachi, Manobala playing supporting roles.

“Any humor that treats serious matters, such as death, war, disease, crime etc.. in a silly or satirical fashion is considered as gallows humor. ‘Paandiyoda Galatta Thangala’ is a type of that genre. This Kids-targeted movie is about Paandi, who is a monkey and the story revolves around this monkey, who becomes a ghost and troubles people around him. Suresh’s cinematography and Sugumar’s music would surely give some jerks through which Audience will laugh one moment and scream the next” says the different-genre-juggling actor Sathya.

Sathya extremely delighted with the come back innings of Chennai 28 adds ‘Good times are back again. and it will all start with ‘Paandiyoda Galatta Thangala’ scheduled to release s on 13th May.


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