Sawaari Press Release

Sanam shetty the tall, slim Miss South India 2016 1st runner is elated about her forth coming release  Sawaari. “Sawaari is a very special film for me, it is an out and out  Hollywood style film I would say. I have no doubt that the audience will love the film as it’s a totally different genre. Director Guhan and cameraman Chezian have done a brilliant job with limited duration and minimum budget.
I play the love interest of hero Benito.The love story proceeds to wedding but the story unfolds on the day of the wedding so there are a lot of unexpected twists which are very interesting.
Unforgettable moment in the film I would say that we had to go on a catamaran ride for the duet song in Sawaari. That was my first ride on a catamaran and it was a scary experience for me. Benito my costar had to keep pushing down on the boat because I kept falling off.  I will  never forget that incidence.
My role model has always been Sridevi. I’m a die hard fan of her. I admire her a lot and at times I try to resemble her acting too. I wish i get opportunities that will prove my intensity in acting. Madhavan had been my chocolate boy all these years, and ‘Iruthi sutru’ enhanced his reputation i will say.  
I thank Thenandal films for releasing our film I’m sure they will take our project to the next well. Our film got the much expected boost with the  brand  Thenandal films. With the audience craving for good quality films ‘Sawari’ will be a perfect film for them.  I would also like to make a special mention about Actor Arya it was a kind gesture of  him to launch our teaser and support the young team.’Sawaari’ will hit the screens during mid March and i am sure , my career will take off from that day’ declared Sanam Shetty.

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