Sasikumar at Gold Memorial Day

What a great day! No words can describe the love and respect we had for Thangaraj Sir! He lived for his beloved students and today his students have all joined together to honour the unconditional love that Thangaraj Sir had for each and everyone of us. He has been a stepping stone in most of our lives and felt proud of our achievements, be it small or big. Today we have made his name Shine On!

Our special thanks to all Peterites, friends, colleagues and family members of Thangaraj Sir who have contributed and also those who have taken the effort and time and participated today!

Today we have provided the following endowments and donations in Thangaraj Sir’s name. 

1. Providing financial aid for education for a year, for a 10th Std student, S Sree Sajeev, in Cheran Vidhyalaya Matric and Senior Sec School, Chinnalampatti. – Rs 20000/-

  (This child was unable to continue studies as his father died in a road accident and his mother is not able to support his higher education)

2. Providing corpus fund for lunch on Gold Memorial Day to Gandigram Trust, a Children’s home, Dindigul- Rs 30000/-

3. Trophy for Thangaraj Memorial Handball Invitation tournament jointly conducted by Cheran Vidhyalaya- Rs 10000/-

So many Peterites wanted to come but were unable to make it but still helped us from out of country also. We missed each and everyone of you all!

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