Sarabham Movie Review

Production- Thirukumaran Entertainment|ABI TCS STUDIOS

Director- Arun Mohan

Cinematography- Krishnan Vasanth

Editing- Leo John Paul

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Britto Michael

Cast- Naveen Chandra,Salony Luthra & Aadukalam Naren.

SARABHAM….This producer have been successful since he has stepped his foot in Kollywood. CV Kumar has a penchant for choosing scripts which eventually turns out to be blockbusters. That’s the case with “Sarabham” here he’s associated with ABI Studios. This crime thriller is directed by Arun Mohan, the challenge for him was to complete this movie in a schedule of 30 days and he did complete in 29 days, well that shows his capability on meeting deadlines. This movie has minimal locations and characters with simple plot  which gets twisted and turned as it moves forward.

This one is Naveen Chandra’s first movie as a lead he was seen in Sasikumar’s Bramman as a friend. He did a good job for the span and importance given to his character, he has a good on screen presence and can pull off intense roles and has a face for romantic flicks. Should see him in good roles in future.

Aadukalam Naren’s name is been heard in lot of movies these days and starting to be the most sought after character oriented actor. In Sarabham his performance is good.

The real star of the movie is Salony Luthra, It’s hard for anyone to say that this is her debut. She has done an extremely good job with the character given to her, she becomes the central point of the story.Her character has different shades, the transformation was smooth and very convincing, there’s no over acting. She’s got the facial structure of Angelina Jolie along with impressive height and good looks. She have carried off this role with ease and steals the show from other characters in the movie.

The strong suit of the movie is the background score, which was composed by Britto Michael. As that becomes a character itself along with the actors. There were hardly 2 songs which was a good thing, instead inserting unwanted elements  slowing down the pace of the movie. The cinematography by Krishnan Vasanth was great, with minimal locations he did a great job. Editing by Leo John Paul was sharp and kept it tight in the second half.

Arun Mohan took a simple script and tried to manipulate with the characters here and there to bring in the surprises, the first half actually seems a bit drag but post interval it picks up the pace. At a point it does becomes quite predictable, but Salony holds all together with her impressive performance.

Sarabham is a good watch, what it loses in the first half is compensated by an engaging second half with twists and turns!!!!

+’s – Neat screenplay with good camera work, editing and performances.

-‘s – Draggy first half.

Rating: 3/5.

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