Salim Movie Review

Production- Studio 9 Production|Sree Green Productions|Vijay Antony Film Corporation

Directed –  N.V.Nirmal Kumar

Produced – R. K. Suresh|M. S. Saravanan|Fathima Vijay Antony

Written –  N.V.Nirmal Kumar

Music – Vijay Antony

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cinematography –  M.C.Ganesh Chandra

Edited – M.V.Rajesh Kumar

Distributed By- Sree Green Productions

Cast  Vijay Antony as Salim, Aksha Pardasany as Nisha, Azam Sheriff as Sam & R. N. R. Manohar.

SALIM….After the disastrous start to the weekend, Salim served a decent spread of delicacy which fulfilled the hunger for a good watch. Nirmal Kumar former associate to Bharathi Raja did a decent treatment to an usual plot with good twists and turns. The first half builds a base for what’s going to happen later, It’s quite slow but does not test your patience, and that is rewarded with a surprise at the interval block. The pace in the first half is compensated by the racy screenplay in the second.

It’s a story of a good Samaritan who is tested with his undivided patience breaks in to an outrage after series of unfortunate events.

Vijay Antony may be not an expressive actor, but he manages to make an impression which leaves an impact on the character, that was the case with “Naan” as well and now “Salim” which has been improvised. The character Salim goes hand in hand with different shades given to it. Vijay Antony did a great job.

Aksha Pardasany a fresh face did a good job and she well suited the character given to her and she was portrayed well without unwanted skin show.The supporting cast did a great job, as every character was etched well in terms of characterization. Especially the character of Police Commissioner and The Home Minister, they both were really good.

The cinematography by Ganesh Chandra was great, he did a fine job in capturing the angles well, but that was not well matched with the VFX which was dull in few scenes. The editing by Rajesh Kumar was sharp and tight which complimented the cinematography. Music and background score by Vijay Antony was good, the songs were not a bump in the racy screenplay and were placed well, the background score did pump up the mood.

Salim is a movie with usual elements but was treated well with good execution which resulted in a racy thriller,serving well to the audience who were longing for a decent movie in recent time. Definitely worth a watch!!!

+’s – Good direction supported by neatly executed screenplay.

-‘s – Could have avoided the usual cliche’s.

Rating: 3.75/5.


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